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UFC Announce Big News- ‘Oura Rings’ Added to Wearables

UFC Announce Big News- ‘Oura Rings’ Added to Wearables


The UFC continues to make leaps and bounds in advancing themselves as the leader of sports innovation. Earlier this year they set the benchmark with their speedy resumption following pandemic induced stoppages. Now the company has partnered with Oura Health to provide their fighters with Oura Rings that help them condition themselves better. 

The new wearables will help fighters monitor their health and readiness levels ahead of fights and during training camps.

Oura’s CEO Harpreet Singh Rai addressed his company’s deal with the MMA promotion in these tough times. He branded the UFC’s Performance Institute as a visionary in utilizing science and technology in helping their athletes stay healthy.

The CEO said, “We’re glad that we can support these efforts, especially in a time when safety is of the utmost importance. We’re excited about the ability to work with UFC in a collective commitment to prioritize athlete health.”

The UFC Performance Institute is keen on seeing the Oura Ring’s positive impact

UFC Performance Institute is looking forward to working with Oura. This is because they see the ‘Ring’ as something the fighters can use positively.

The Insititute’s Vice-President Duncan French said, “We are always looking for the right tools to help our athletes make better-informed decisions about their training and recovery.

“The Oura Ring is a fantastic device that we’re excited about because it provides valuable insights into key biometrics that athletes can use to make adjustments to their training and overall competition preparedness.”

This proves crucial as fighters could alter their training or sparring for a day and focus on recovery. This will ensure that they do not strain themselves and assume that the body ache or lethargy is a natural training side effect. 

Former UFC champion Daniel Cormier credited the ring for helping him compete at UFC 252. The fighter said that the ring showed him he was not at his peak and his mercury levels had risen.

As a result, he approached a doctor immediately and learned that he had the coronavirus. The timely diagnosis and recovery helped him structure his camp well and make it to the UFC Apex at a hundred percent. 

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French believes that the Ring will help even more of the promotions’ talent in the coming months. He looks forward to the positive impact it will have. 

What do you make of the UFC’s innovative step towards helping its talent stay healthy?  

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