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UFC Fighter Paulo Costa Reacts to Fake News About Joe Rogan by Parody MMA Website

Published 04/27/2022, 10:20 AM EDT

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UFC fighter Paulo Costa is known for his reactions to various happenings on social media. The Brazilian middleweight kept it up as he reacted to ‘news’ about Joe Rogan and television personality Stephen A. Smith. ‘MMAF Press’, which is a well-known MMA parody website, posted their usual content on Twitter.

The post fake quoted Smith and read, “Let me be clear. If my right hand connects with the legend Joe Rogan, all due respect, he’s getting knocked out people.”


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The UFC fighter retweeted it and wrote, “Yo.”

While the athlete did not say anything further, it is not known whether he was aware of the parody website’s post. However, several Twitter users commented and let him know about the website and the type of content they post.


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In the MMA world, ‘MMAF Press’ is known to successfully rile up fans and post some funny content. Hence, it would not be surprising if Paulo Costa initially believed it. In addition to this, it wasn’t too long ago that Rogan’s podcast was in hot waters. He had received a lot of pushback for the subjects discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe Rogan and Stephen A. Smith had a spat over the McGregor-Cerrone fight at UFC 246

Smith and Joe Rogan have had a beef in the past. As per ‘MMA Fighting‘, both the personalities had a spat in 2020 over the Conor McGregor-Donald Cerrone fight. The UFC commentator did not like Smith criticizing ‘Cowboy’ for losing.

Thus, Rogan had shared his thoughts about the same. However, Smith replied, and thus, started their mutual annoyance. Because of this incident too, there is a possibility that Costa might have believed the news from the spoof account.


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Smith stuck to his criticism of Cerrone and refused to apologize to the fighter. Hence, Rogan provided some advice to Smith and revealed that he felt that more respect was needed to be given to the sport and the fighters.

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However, they do not seem to harbor any ill feelings. While Rogan did not like what Smith said, he did admit that he was a knowledgeable and entertaining person.


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What do you think about Paulo Costa’s reaction to the Rogan and Smith fake news? Let us know in the comments below.



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