UFC HW Champion Francis Ngannou May Already Have Entered Free Agency: Reports

Published 12/13/2022, 4:10 PM EST

Fans may have seen the last of Francis Ngannou in the UFC. The Cameroonian Heavyweight last fought Gane at UFC 270 in January 2022. He is the Current Heavyweight Champion of the UFC and ranked #5 in pound-for-pound rankings. He, however, may have fought his last fight in the UFC. Reports have suggested that Francis Ngannou’s contract may have expired rendering him a free agent. Francis Ngannou has a career record that reads 17-3-0. He is also the first-ever Cameroonian Champion in the UFC.’The Predator’ has now hinted that he may be looking at a second career.

Coming from a very humble background, Ngannou has achieved a lot with the UFC. A string of tweets, however, shows that he may already be a free agent. The Tweets have been posted by MMA reporter John Nash. It was being assumed that Ngannou’s contract ends in January 2023, but new findings suggest otherwise.


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Francis Ngannou has completed his contract with the UFC

John Nash posted a string of tweets that have suggested that Francis Ngannou may be a free agent. John Nash tweeted,

He further clarified the effective date of Ngannou’s contract and tweeted more details.

He further explained that the effective date of the contract is the date that the contract is signed.


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In the pictures posted in the tweet, it’s clearly visible that the contract was signed in August 2018.

Nash also explained the clauses for the extension of the agreement. He tweeted,

John Nash said that he had earlier speculated that the contract will end in January 2023. He, however, accepted that the speculations were based on faulty readings of the contract.


With these new findings, Nash concluded that Francis Ngannou may be a free agent already.


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Dana White left the ball in Ngannou’s court

Talking to ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto, Dana White had earlier hinted that they were ready to let go of Francis Ngannou. Dana White had mentioned that Ngannou should finish his legacy in the UFC and also suggested that they were very close to the end of the legacy.

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Francis Ngannou had earlier voiced his dissatisfaction with the UFC for the contract, not giving enough freedom. Dana White, however, skillfully left it upon Ngannou by saying that he can be with the UFC completely or choose to explore other avenues.

What happens to Ngannou’s career will be interesting to watch. What do you think he should do?



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