UFC Legend Donald Frye and Joe Rogan Unhappy That the Fight Against Tank Abott Doesn’t Make Top 10 List

Published 06/24/2021, 12:26 PM EDT
PASADENA, CA – JUNE 30: Comedian Joe Rogan performs during his appearance at The Ice House Comedy Club on June 30, 2017 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Michael Schwartz/WireImage)

MMA is one of the most popular sports in the world right now, with UFC being at the center of it. Although, when Donald Frye and Tank Abbott fought in one of the greatest fights ever, the sport wasn’t mainstream, and hence people do not remember how great a fight that was.


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Recently, Frye was in conversation with Joe Rogan, and the pair discussed the fight. Rogan recalled how that fight was one of the best of all time, and Frye commented on how it wasn’t voted amongst the best first0round finished fights.

Their conversation was as follows. JR – “I remember your fight with Tank. What a fight that was, my God.”


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DF – “You know, and they didn’t make it Top 10 under 1 round fights!”

JR – “I have no idea why they didn’t, well there is so many great fights it’s arbitrary who makes the top 10, but I think it should have been there. That’s a classic.”

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While both Rogan and Frye recalled that fight, Frye seemed to talk about how people from this generation don’t know how that fight was and don’t remember it.

DF – “Nobody knows anything about UFC 11.5.”

JR – “Oh, I do.”

DF- “Oh, you do? Joe, you are a student, and you were there, but the new fans…”

JR – “They should go back because that’s the history of the sport. I always tell people we knew more about martial arts after 4 years of UFC, than it had been for 400 years.”

Who was Donald Frye, and what is his legacy?

The current Donald Frye is a fighter but is not the same as the Frye of the 2000s. During that era, everyone considered the fighter one of the greatest MMA fighters around the globe, as he had an incredible MMA record. The fighter was 15-1 in his first 16 fights and was dominating every opponent he faced.


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Since his debut, ‘The Predator’ has competed in 31 fights winning 20 of those. The fighter was one of the most dominating fighters throughout the 2000s, and while a good deal of MMA fans today may not know of him, he is a bonafide legend of the sport.

His MMA record or the accolades he has earned through his career does not reflect Frye’s legacy. His fighting style and the dominating nature in which ‘The Predator’ fought are the true mirrors of what he did for the sport. He gave everything whenever he stepped inside the cage, and he did the same against Abbott.


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The fight between Abbott and Frye must not be remembered by may. However, as Rogan put it that fight will always remain an MMA classic.


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