USA Today via Reuters

USA Today via Reuters

UFC 300 is less than two months away, and the entire card is packed from top to bottom. Featuring the likes of Just͏in Gaethje and Charles Oliveira to Alex Pereira, the event will witness some of the biggest and most anticipated fights of the year. While most fighters would have jumped at the opportunity to be in the spotlight of the historic card, there is one who did not. According to Khamzat ͏Chimaev, ͏he was ͏offered a UFC 300 slot against the welterweight champ, Leon Edwards, but to everyone’s surprise, ‘Borz’ denied the opportunity.

The Chechen, in an interview, stated that he wants to fight in the summer in Saudi Arabia – “In the summer, I think – in the summer, we’ll be back. I want to fight in Saudi Arabia, but I don’t think anybody wants to fight me there” The Emirati’s sudden denial to fight on the UFC 300 card didn’t sit well with the MMA community who were expecting him to take the fight considering he was calling for Dana White to give him a title shot.


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In the same interview, Chimaev asserted that he would like to fight anyone, but not during the holy month of Ramadan. ‘Borz’ further added, “They wanted me to fight at 300, but I said it’s too short time for (170 pounds). I need a bit of time. It wasn’t 100 percent sure, but my manager said maybe, maybe not. My brother said to me, ‘Not in Ramadan.’ After Ramadan, we’ll take some time, camp and then we’ll fight anyone.” In 2024, Ramadan takes place between March 10th and April 9th.

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Khamzat Chimaev’s words might have some weight, however, as per the fans, ‘Borz’ is making a bad decision by denying the fight as this could have been his chance for the belt.

Did Khamzat Chimaev just ‘fumble the bag’?

Khamzat͏ Chimaev has only fought twice in the last two years. Chimaev’s most recent bout was against former welterweight champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 294, where he earned a hard-fought victory. Dana White had initially promised a middleweight title shot to the winner, but Chimaev’s injury and skin infection, ͏coupled with White’s initial reluctance, put a halt to those plans. It seems like the UFC head honcho had a change of heart, but this time ‘Borz’ was not ready.

The MMA community is not content with Chimaev’s answer. The fans took to social media to express their opinion. Some of them are as follows:-

“Smash Everybody” is Khamzat Chimaev’s catchphrase but seems like he is not living up to it as per a fan.

“Smash everybody anytime anywhere” except when they offer me a title fight on the most hype card in the companies history

Another fan stated that Chimaev might be sabotaging his career by not taking the chance.

He’s sabotaging his own career at this point.

Furthermore, a fan highlighted Chimaev’s inactive status in the sport.

Smesh everyone once every two years 🙂

Fights once every 16 months this guy

A fan asserted that losing weight would be easy for Chimaev during Ramadan because he would not be eating anyway.

Should be easy to lose weight when u ain’t eating

Furthermore, a fan finally took Chimaev’s side and stated that it was his choice to fight or not.


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If the man doesn’t want to fight or train for a fight during the holy month of his people who are we to be upset with him?

Last but not least, a fan stated that Chimaev fumbled his opportunity.



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Several fighters avoid fighting during Ramadan, champions included. What’s your take on Chimaev’s decision not to fight during Ramadan? Will it backfire in the long-run? When do you see him returning to action? Tell us in the comments below.

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