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UFC Star Sheds Light on a Brutal System That Has Sent Khabib Nurmagomedov and Hundreds of Fighters to Hospitals

Published 01/07/2023, 12:01 AM EST

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A UFC star shared a system that sent fighters to the hospital. While doing so, the fighter Bryce Mitchell also shared a personal account of how and what happened to him during his weight cut. The weight-cut system is known to send one of the toughest fighters, Khabib Nurmagomedov, to the hospital. This was prior a few days before his fight. The unfortunate event threw all the UFC fans, as well as his opponent, Tony Ferguson, in shock. Although this practice is completely choice-based, fighters insist on making it illegal. This is because not only is it unfair in a fight but also can cost a fighter their life.

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In dire circumstances, fighters cut weight to fit into the desired category to fight. In other situations, some fighters cut weight to fit into a lighter division during the weigh-ins, giving them an edge over the other fighter in the actual match. UFC’s Bryce Mitchell recently told Brett Okamoto in an interview about his terrible experience with a weight cut.


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How the weight cut must have affected Khabib Nurmagomedov

As revealed by Mitchell, it is not easy to live off a calorie deficit diet as a fighter. Due to the nature of sports, athletes have to practice regularly and sudden diet changes can really hamper their growth and energy levels. “When you’re cutting weight, you’re dying and you’re barely surviving on low calories for a short amount of time,” Mitchell revealed. When asked about switching weight categories, the American fighter denied it respectfully. He is afraid he will be fighting opponents way bigger than he gets now.

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Another fighter who was known to have faced a terrible experience in weight cuts is none other than the beast himself, Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Russian fighter was rushed to a hospital back in March 2017 before a match. Due to the stressful and strenuous training schedule and caloric deficit diet, the undefeated fighter couldn’t take it longer. His body eventually gave up. Fortunately for fans, the legend was saved by his team since he was rushed to the hospital in time.


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Could Khabib have avoided the consequences?


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Although the act was not very smart, a lot of fighters have to settle for this in combat sports. In order to follow through with the competition, Nurmagomedov also did the same. So, apart from the obvious choice to not follow the practice, leagues can make it fairer by eliminating the system itself.

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According to Bryce Mitchell, “the number one thing that’s messed up with this sport that’s easy to fix… They can fix this in 5 minutes. No more cutting weight. You show up and you fight with the f***ing weight you’re at.


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Do you agree with the fighter’s perspective?

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