Unearthed Video Shows Conor McGregor Confessing Why He Never Hated Ronda Rousey Despite UFC’s Bias Towards Her

Published 08/24/2022, 2:04 PM EDT
MOSCOW, RUSSIA – OCTOBER 24, 2019: Former UFC lightweight champion, Irish mixed martial artist Conor McGregor, gives a press conference. Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS (Photo by Stanislav KrasilnikovTASS via Getty Images)

Conor McGregor shares an extreme opinion over other fighters. He’s always in support of the ones he’s on good terms with, while others get the bitter side of McGregor. 

Conor was supposed to fight at UFC 200, but he refused to attend its conference in April 2016. The UFC then decided to strip McGregor off the card. 


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In an interview with Ariel Helwani, the ‘Mystic Mac’ were asked about the UFC allowing Ronda Rousey to not attend the conference without any repercussions, but McGregor was dealt with otherwise. 


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‘The Notorious’ responded in his particular fashion and said, “I didn’t give a fu*k. I’m the two-weight champion at that stage. I’m richer than rich. I don’t give bullocks”  

Conor McGregor does not celebrate other fighters’ defeat

McGregor brought up an interesting point where he specifically mentioned ‘not celebrating other people’s defeats’, pointing toward how everyone kept texting him when Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm at UFC 193. 

McGregor said, “I love Ronda, I’ve always been a big supporter of her.”  

He then spoke about how people wanted him to celebrate after her loss, to which he said, “…that’s a wrong mindset. I don’t celebrate other person’s defeat. That’s weak. That’s a weak individual that does that. And there was people who celebrated when I lost and I got nothing to do with it. That aint a sign of a true champion.”

Those words sounded very inspiring at that moment. However, it hasn’t aged too well for the former double champ. Despite saying he doesn’t celebrate other people’s defeat, McGregor was seen bashing Kamaru Usman for his loss against Leon Edwards. 

Mystic Mac took to Twitter and wrote, “Usman gonna come out saying he from Pluto after that smack hahah Marty green pants from Pluto” 


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The verbal charge didn’t just stop there. McGregor also put out another tweet mocking the former welterweight champ. It said, “Mi no lika the boi no sleep dem man hahahaha tw*t got tw*tted”


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Kamaru Usman was a huge favorite going up against England’s Leon Edwards. The fight saw Kamaru dominate the challenger for the majority of the fight. However, the bout ended in the most dramatic fashion when the brit landed a perfectly set-up head kick, knocking out the champion and becoming the new welterweight champion.

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