“USADA Has Never Stepped Foot in Dagestan” – Disturbing Accusations on Islam and Khabib’s “Nurmagomedov Family” Open Up a Can of Worms, Fans React

Published 12/12/2023, 3:29 AM EST

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Benoit Saint-Denis doesn’t think Khabib Nurmagomedov and his team are playing fair in the UFC. The Frenchman has recently gained a surge in popularity with fans after his incredible highlight-reel KO of Matt Frevola at UFC 295. Saint-Denis made his UFC debut in 2021 at UFC 267 which ended in a loss, but he has since rebounded and won his last 5 fights by either knockout or submission!

His comments against Team Nurmagomedov were recently shared online and have found support from the fans. Saint-Denis claimed that Nurmagomedov and his family of Dagestani fighters are using banned substances to gain an advantage in competition. Let’s take a look at how the fans reacted to this statement from the ‘God of War’!

Khabib Nurmagomedov and his team slammed by fans


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Benoit Saint-Denis recently made bold claims about the Nurmagomedov family, alleging extensive use of performance-enhancing drugs. He stated, “Concerning the Nurmagomedov family, for example, I no longer have any doubt: they are loaded like mules. They are intelligent in the way they do drugs, but they know how to do it very well. Makhachev was busted with meldonium, for example”

In response to the accusations, various opinions amongst the fans have emerged. Some have even pointed out Russia’s history of doping scandals in the Olympics and the Jujitsu International Federation, suggesting that such revelations are not entirely surprising.

Here’s how the community reacted:

Fans mentioned Russian athletes and their issues with doping

Russia was banned for a few years from the Olympics as well as the Jujitsu International Federation for doping, this shouldn’t be shocking news to hear

Saint-Denis and his comments pleased others.

Nice to see someone call out their fake humble image

While some others mentioned that the claims are nothing new

Not even an intelligent take this is just common knowledge at this point

Fans also pointed out instances of Team Nurmagomedov members testing positive 

It’s true. Islam was busted at the beginning of his UFC career and was suspended. Now khabibs cousin from Bellator just got stripped from his belt for testing positive. That’s how it is in russia, they can’t even compete in the Olympics

Meanwhile, some others claimed that USADA has never been to Dagestan to test athletes.

USADA has never stepped foot in Dagestan to test the athletes.

And many others repeated the issues faced by Russian athletes in the past

I mean yeah, the Russians cheat big time, we’ve known that forever. Why do y’all think the Russian boxers got banned from the 2020 olympics? they’re constantly drugged up. Especially the Dagestanis.

While others just quoted Nate Diaz to prove their point 

Everyone’s on steroids – Nate diaz

The discussion also expanded beyond the UFC, touching on broader doping issues in Russian sports. An example cited by a fan also involved Bellator fighter, Usman Nurmagomedov, a cousin of Khabib Nurmagomedov, recently being suspended for testing positive for a banned substance, reflecting a pattern in Russian athletics. Nate Diaz’s statement, “Everyone’s on steroids,” resonated with those who believe doping is a pervasive problem in the world of professional sports.

But despite Saint-Denis and his claims, Islam Makhachev, UFC lightweight champion and member of Team Nurmagomedov, is fully focused on his reign as a champion. And in a recent interview, Makhachev put the lightweight division on notice with his comments!

Islam Makhachev doesn’t want any rematches

In a recent interview, Islam Makhachev expressed his disinterest in a rematch with Charles Oliveira, emphasizing the importance of facing new opponents for championship aspirations. Despite Oliveira’s historic streak coming into their clash, Makhachev halted it with a second-round arm-triangle choke at UFC 280. 

Makhachev conveyed his preference for fighting top contenders like Justin Gaethje, suggesting March as a potential timeframe. He stated, “Because if you want to [be a champion] in a good way, you have to add new names. There is Gaethje, who I would say deserved a fight. I think it would be more interesting to fight him. I think in March, maybe.”


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Makhachev’s motivation extends beyond lightweight matchups and he is aiming for a second belt. He considered this as a dream fight and revealed, ” The second belt is the fight of a dream. This is what motivates me at the moment.”

As the dialogue encompasses both the challenges of doping and the strategic mindset of Makhachev, the UFC lightweight division remains on notice for the champion’s ambitious pursuits and commitment to facing new challenges.


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Do you think Benoit Saint-Denis and his allegations against Khabib Nurmagomedov and his team are valid? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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