“Used to Take People’s Bags Up to Their Rooms”- $500M Worth Dana White Shares Rags to Riches Story Spanning 36 Years

Published 08/13/2023, 4:27 AM EDT

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Dana White recently landed in Boston for yet another episode of ‘Lookin’ For a Fight’. UFC legend Matt Serra and former MMA and Jiu-Jitsu fighter Din Thomas joined him as they went looking for the next big thing in the UFC. However, while search for the next big fighter was paramount, the return to Boston also brought back memories of the UFC President’s humble beginnings.

Dana White has had a significant impact on the rise of MMA in the mainstream. From the time when the sport was deemed illegal to now, when the UFC completed 30 years of its existence and success, the 53-year-old promoter has built an estimated net worth of around $500 million. However, his first job wasn’t being a fight promoter. He worked at a hotel!

Dana White was a bellman at the Boston Harbor Hotel


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Boston is the UFC president’s hometown. One of the very first jobs he had during his youth was at the 5-star Boston Harbor Hotel. Dana White said, “So I worked at the Boston Harbor Hotel. It was like one of my first jobs that I ever had.” He further mentioned that he was a bellman at the hotel, where he’d escort customers to their rooms. “I was a Bellman there. So we used to take people’s bags up to their rooms when they would come in,” said White.

The UFC president claimed to be in his late teens when took the job. He added, “We’d check them in and check them out. I was like 18 or 19 years old when I worked there.” Moreover, the nostalgia of being at the hotel prompted Dana White to become a bellman once again.

The UFC president takes up his former job

In a callback to his teenage days, Dana White took the opportunity to become a bellman once again. He wore his old uniform and even worked there with the staff at the hotel. On top of that, White even did one of his tasks as a bellhop, which involved cleaning customers’ shoes. “This time… they fitted me with one of the old Bellman uniforms and I’m gonna get in the uniform,” Said Dana White.


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Dana White’s struggles are well documented regarding his jobs in different hotels in Boston, Massachusetts. However, he chose to keep working at the Boston Harbor Hotel due to the better payouts. However, that wasn’t what he intended to keep doing his whole life.


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Dana White loved fighting and started getting into the promotion game. When he took up the role as the president of the UFC, little did he know that he’d become one of the richest promoters in the world. He has been the catalyst for the sport of MMA rising to the level it has right now. What do you think? Drop your comments below.

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