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VIDEO: Anderson Silva and Chael Sonne Finally Reconcile After Years of Hatred

Published 05/06/2021, 11:41 AM EDT

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Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva shared one of the heated rivalries in the history of the UFC. Silva, who is currently preparing for his boxing debut against Julio Ceaser Chavez Jr, appeared for an interview with ‘The American Gangsta’.

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While concluding their chat, Sonnen told ‘The Spider’ that he considered the Brazilian’s move to boxing “crazy.” But he believed Silva can actually win. “Well, Anderson, I’ll leave you with this. I agree with those people. I also think that you’re crazy, but I also think I also think you’re going to win. I think you’re going to beat him,” said Sonnen.


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I think this is something you’ve wanted to do. I’m not sure he knows fully what he’s getting into. That is my opinion. I wish you the best of luck Let’s catch up again down the road. Thank you for your time champ,” he further added.

Silva, in turn, offered help to Sonnen’s son, who trains in LA. “No, thank you so much for you give us this opportunity Chael. And I know your son started training. You know when I have time when you stay in your LA. Oh, and when you have a time, just come in I go help your son to train,” Silva said.

I appreciate that. And he’s actually right here. He’s oh, now he’s nervous. You wanna say hi to Anderson? I won’t do that another now. He got shy he’s actually a big fan of yours. He- I very much appreciate that offer. And I know that you meant it. Oh, he’s now he’s running out. He’s going to his mom,” said Sonnen.


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Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva: Where does it rank among the list of greatest rivalries?

Silva vs Sonnen 1 was an all-time classic. Sonnen dominated the contest for four and a half rounds before getting caught in a triangle choke. ‘Bad Guy’ was forced to tap out in the final moments of the fight. The duo fought on another occasion, with Silva coming out victorious yet again.


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Their battles rank among the very best feuds in the history of the UFC. However, it’s good to see the duo reconcile after all that they went through.


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