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WATCH: Daniel Cormier Shows His Love For The New Orleans Saints In A Hilarious New Post

WATCH: Daniel Cormier Shows His Love For The New Orleans Saints In A Hilarious New Post

Former two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier took to Twitter and shared a hilarious image grab with Coach Rosendo Sanchez. In the post, “DC” put Sanchez in a double hammerlock submission for supporting the Las Vegas Raiders. Chiefly, Daniel Cormier is a fan of the New Orleans Saints, and the two aforementioned teams are set to meet next week.

Cormier is a massive fan of the NFL, and it seems as though the season heating up has evoked the ardent supporter in him. The second week of the season is underway, and football fans have been pining for the sport’s long overdue return. What’s more, the NFL was amongst the last sports to make a comeback to the big stage.

Additionally, Daniel Cormier has a diversified interest in several sports apart from MMA. His job as an analyst and host has allowed fans and media members to get to know a different side to his personality. His love for the NFL, NBA, Golf, and several other sports capture a different side to the AKA team captain.

Daniel Cormier: An overview

The former Olympian has been in the upper echelon of MMA ever since he transitioned to the sport. Coming from a high-level wrestling background helped Cormier focus his efforts towards the art of striking. Moreover, he reached the pinnacle of success in MMA by integrating a laundry list of skills and techniques together.

As a UFC fighter, he captured two titles simultaneously in the organization, being one of only four fighters to do so. Furthermore, he won the Strike Force Heavyweight Grand Prix when he stepped in for Alistair Overeem. Cormier’s trilogy fights with undisputed champion Stipe Miocic will go down as perhaps the most memorable in divisional history.

DC” has officially retired from the sport and recently welcomed his daughter Luna Rose Cormier into the world. UFC President Dana White and fans look forward to seeing Daniel remain within the MMA sphere with his career as an analyst and commentator. He has certainly left his mark on the sport and is one of the most beloved fighters.

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