Watch: Welterweight Star Mocks “Bellman” Dana White Over His $100,000,000 New Venture

Published 08/13/2023, 11:42 AM EDT

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UFC boss Dana White is worth half a billion dollars today. He loses six figures in gambling, gives his friends a quarter of a million dollars as a birthday gift, and owns a $6 million home. But, he was not always wealthy. In fact, the UFC boss has one of the greatest rags-to-riches stories in the history of sports.

At 19, he was a bellboy at the Boston Harbor Hotel. While he found success there too, quickly becoming one of the most tipped bellboys at the hotel, he left that job to run the UFC and found success and fame there. This is why it was amusing to see him don his old uniform once again to surprise former UFC champion Matt Serra, who roasted him with a witty rejoinder that had White laughing hysterically.

Dana White surprises Matt Serra


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A clip recently surfaced on Twitter, where Dana White is dressed up as a bellman in the Boston Harbor Hotel to surprise Matt Serra. White narrates that once a guest reaches the Hotel, they are greeted by the doorman at the door. And when the guest enters the hotel, they are welcomed to the Hotel by the bellman.

“At the Boston Harbor Hotel, you’re greeted at the door by the doorman, and then they pass ’em off to the bellman, where the bellman greets you and says “welcome to the Boston Harbor Hotel,” White said.

The video cuts to Serra entering the hotel and being surprised by the UFC boss, dressed in the beige bellman uniform, coming to greet him. At this point, Serra couldn’t help but make a remark that had the UFC boss in splits.


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Matt Serra roasts Dana White

As White approached Serra, the welterweight paused and looked at the camera, barely able to believe what he is seeing. Keeping cool, Serra simply says “Look at this, look at this” while pointing at White. He then asks Dana, “Wow, I guess Power Slap didn’t work out, huh” as he hugs the Las Vegas resident. The UFC boss is the owner of the American slap fight promotion ‘Power Slap’.


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White starts laughing hard, having to bend over from the laughter. He called it “one of the funniest one-liners” he has ever heard. It is clear why Serra could beat one of the greatest MMA fighters in Georges St-Pierre. His timing and quickness are impeccable. What do you think about Serra’s vicious burn on White? Tell us in the comments section below.

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