What Did Ian Garry Say About Neil Magny’s Children?

Published 01/16/2024, 10:23 AM EST

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Rising UFC star Ian Garry has been in the news for a lot of things, both inside and outside the Octagon. One notable incident took place in the build-up to his fight against Neil Magny at UFC 292. ‘The Haitian Sensation’ made an ill-advised trash talk attempt that led to the 26-year-old taking a swipe right back at the veteran welterweight with comments involving his kids.

Ian Garry was very clinical in his win over Neil Magny at UFC 292, which he was proud of. He edged past the veteran with a decision win, but that was not what caught the attention of fans on social media. Things got very personal before the fight, involving some serious allegations while talking trash. Let’s plunge right into that incident.

Ian Garry takes advantage of Neil Magny’s throwaway comment about his children


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During a media day appearance before UFC 292, Neil Magny addressed the fight he had with Ian Garry. In an attempt to talk trash, ‘The Haitian Sensation’ mentioned that he often indulges in disciplining his children with a little bit of physicality, which was the same thing he was going to do with the young Irish fighter.

Magny said, “There’s a whoopin’ that you give your son now, to kind of teach him life a little bit. Being a father, I’ve become quite accustomed to that kind of whoopin’ now and that’s what I’m looking forward to giving on Saturday.”

Ian Garry later shared a reaction video on Twitter (X) after listening to the comments made by Neil Magny. He looked absolutely shocked after what he had heard and picked up his daughter to promise that he’d never hurt his children.

Garry said, “Word for word he just said ‘Being a father I’ve got accustomed to giving that a** whoopin’. [With his child in his arm] Oh my goodness, I would never whoop your a***. It’s okay. You want me to beat him [Magny] up? I’ll beat him up because apparently, he beats his son up.” 

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Furthermore, ‘The Future’ even took a jibe at Neil Magny about those comments during the UFC 292 pre-fight pressers as well. Ian Garry claimed that the veteran must take some time to think about the things he said about his children. “There is no f***ing right to ever put your hand on a kid, ever. Discipline, anything,” said the young Irish fighter. Consequently, the reactionary comments from Garry would end up putting Magny in a legal predicament.

Garry’s comments affected Magny’s child custody battle

During an exclusive interview months after the UFC 292 fiasco, Neil Magny opened up on Ian Garry’s comments. He claimed that several screenshots surfaced online that painted him in the wrong light. Apparently, these screenshots were capable of being accepted in the courthouse in his custody battle.

Magny said, “[Garry’s comments] in itself had a lot more consequences than just like nonsense at the press conference… There were screenshots being taken and put into apps like that would be admissible in court where I’m literally fighting for custody of my children..”


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Meanwhile, ‘The Haitian Sensation’ admitted his fault regarding the incident and believed that he should have been more careful in the way he was framing the trash-talk against Ian Garry. “There was something that came out very poorly on my end. The way he chose to blow it out of proportion has pretty significant consequences for me,” Magny added.


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In a fortunate turn of events, Neil Magny is now in a comfortable place. He has the love and support of his wife and children. Moreover, Magny and his wife are more concerned about doing what’s best for their kids than anything else while he continues his career in the UFC. He’s looking forward to his upcoming fight against Mike Malott at UFC 297 to bounce back from his previous loss to Ian Garry.


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