What Do the Interim Heavyweight Champion Ciryl Gane’s Tattoos Mean?

Published 12/30/2021, 1:55 PM EST

Many MMA fighters are seen sporting several tattoos that represent their professional achievements. These highly personal and meaningful tattoos give fans a glimpse into their incredibly tough careers as fighters. Some fighters are heavily tattooed, while others like to keep it minimal. Whatever their personal preference may be, their tattoos add an element of mystery. As a result, fans like to contemplate the meaning behind their favorite fighter’s tattoos. UFC interim heavyweight champion Ciryl Gane too has a few tattoos.


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Gane will be seen battling against heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou at UFC 270. This would be a tough bout for both the fighters. Gane’s undefeated record and a chance to become the true heavyweight champion will be at stake, whereas Ngannou’s title will be at risk. Further, both the fighters used to be sparring partners and hence, have a good idea about each other’s fighting styles and unique habits in the ring.


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In the wake of such an exciting bout in early 2022, let us have a look at the meaning behind Ciryl Gane’s tattoos.

Chest tattoo

‘Bon Gamin’ has at least five tattoos. One of the most visible ink is right at the center of his chest. He has a beautiful tribal sun which can symbolize a few different things, like the partnership between life and the sun. One can also interpret it as a symbol of fertility. It could also represent leadership, creativity, and strength.

While the tattoo can be interpreted in many ways, it would be great to know what it personally means to him.


Arm tattoos

Gane also sports tattoos on both his arms, just under his elbow. The intricate designs are interesting to look at. However, the meaning behind them is not known.



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Back tattoo

Gane has a tattoo on his back as well. It traces his backbone; it starts from just under the nape of his neck and ends on his lower back. At first glance, it looks similar to his arm tattoos. However, the tattoo on his back is definitely not the same as his arm tattoos. While his arm tattoos are more curvy and fluid in design, the tattoo on his back has edges and seems angular.


Left thigh

While the meaning behind some of his tattoos are unknown, the tattoo he sports on his left thigh is well-understood by his fans. One can see the tattoo ‘Bon Gamin’ drawn in a bold font.



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There is a deep ideology behind his nickname. Previously explaining the meaning behind his nickname, he stated, “I know I’m a good guy. Every time I like to love, I like to dance every time. But I like to go to war. I say baby face maybe something like that, or good kids or something like that. We’re stupid, ‘Bon Gamin’. It’s a French nickname. But that’s perfect.”

“This is not only a name of the group. This is a mindset, ‘Bon Gamin’. Is like stay young forever, stay young on your mind forever. Stay young and do what you want to do. Stay humble. Stay everything good feeling, just good feeling. This is ‘Bon Gamin’.”


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Which tattoo do you like the best? Let us know in the comments.

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