Bryan Battle vs. Ange Loosa—who truly dominated the fight and why?

UFC Fight Night: Tuivasa vs. Tybura witnessed a controversial fight. The clash between Ange Loosa and Bryan Battle ended in a no-contest as there was an unintentional eye-poke in the second round. The co-main event of UFC Vegas 88 initially started off with Bryan Battle dominating the cage against Loosa in the first round. However, things changed pretty quickly in the second round.

When Ange Loosa gained some traction, Battle poked his eye which forced the officials to move in to stop the fight. This started a rather uncommon feud inside the Octagon which saw Loosa give death threats to Battle. So what actually transpired between them and how was it stopped? Let us find out.

The day Ange Loosa and Bryan Battle lost their composure


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The fight was called off as the eye poke seemed a bit serious. Ange Loosa tried to maintain his composure and tried to put a cloth over his eye hoping to recover from the injury. However, the doctor concluded that the fight could not go on like this, and things immediately got heated after the hubbub. Both the fighters had to keep away from each other as Bryan Battle accused Loosa of halting the fight.

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Ange Loosa

Bryan Battle

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Battle called out his opponent for being dishonest and stated that the eye poke was just an excuse for the fight to be called off as he was being dominated. After the fight was officially declared a no-contest. Battle called out Loosa once again, “P**sy. I was whooping your a**.”


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Loosa was equally frustrated by the hubbub and couldn’t hold back his emotions after being called out by Battle and said, “I will kill you, I will f****** kill you.” After, he said these words both the fighters had to be separated from each other to avoid further confrontation. Michael Bisping even entered the Octagon in the hopes of having an interview with the fighters but his efforts went fruitless due to the heated situation. However, Bisping did get a chance to interview Battle who did not accept the no-contest.

Bryan Battle was furious about the results

If he had won this fight, ‘Battle’ would have been on a three-fight winning streak. This was the same for Loosa, who is 2-1 in the UFC, compared to Battle’s 5-1 UFC record. Regardless, while giving an interview to Bisping, Battle was furious about the utter shamelessness of Loosa.


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“I’m that dude, that’s what happens when dudes get in the cage with me. They look for ways out. They want to talk big… Once they feel these hands and once they feel this strength, they don’t want to be in here with you. He was looking for the first way out possible and that’s what he got,” said Battle. Well, Bryan Battle’s record is still intact with 11-2-0 (1 NC)

Ange Loosa is going to face Gabriel Bonfim at the UFC Fight Night: Namajunas vs. Cortez on July 13th. Will his next fight witness the same fate? State your thoughts in the comments below.