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What Is Twin Peaks Restaurant? Everything You Need to Know About the Special Restaurant and Its Relation With UFC?

Published 08/18/2023, 3:58 PM EDT

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There is no place better to watch a UFC fight than in the arena. The atmosphere, the buzz, the cheers and boos of thousands of fans in unison are things that cannot be replicated at home on a television. But, of course, it is not possible for the vast majority of the fans to watch the UFC live. Many factors such as where the venue is, limited seating, ticket prices, tickets being sold out, etc. mean that the vast majority of people who watch the UFC do so from the comfort of their homes. But, that does not mean that fans have to miss out on the electric and exciting atmosphere of experiencing a fight with other fans.

America’s Favorite Video Today

There are various sports bars and pubs across the US that broadcast popular sports events. But, with competition from other, more popular sports and leagues like the NBA on, bars might prefer to show those sports. And this is precisely where Twin Peaks sports bar and restaurant chain comes in. Twin Peaks is a rapidly growing restaurant chain across the United States that shows all UFC fights in its restaurants.

Does Twin Peaks Restaurant Show UFC fights? (Committed to casting every single UFC fight)


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Twin Peaks restaurant shows every UFC fight in full on their wall-to-wall televisions. All UFC fights are broadcast across all their restaurants and sports lodges. On their website, they have a separate page dedicated to the UFC and its fans. It claims to provide fans with the best MMA fight night experience, as well as craft cocktails, local specials, and even the occasional fighter appearance.

“From undercards to title fights, UFC at Twin Peaks keeps the belt. Bring the whole team for a fight night experience that feels like you’re in the champ’s corner,” the sports lodge claims on its website.


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Why is Twin Peaks so Special?

Twin Peaks employs young women as waitresses, known as ‘Twin Peaks Girls’, who dress up in revealing uniforms including crop tops, and denim and khaki shorts. They dress up in themed uniforms for various events. For UFC events, they dress up in UFC uniforms. Their restaurants are decorated in rustic wilderness themes and serve a mix of Southern and Southwest cuisine. They also promise an unforgettable culinary experience with a made-from-scratch menu that features a variety of dishes atypical to bars and sports lodges. Their food is a source of pride for the chain, as they claim to have a menu that is made for foodies. The chain has a simple slogan, which encapsulates what they are about- “Eats, Drinks, Scenic Views”.

Why do they call it the twin peaks?

There is no certainty as to why the restaurant chain is named Twin Peaks. The sport lodge’s logo features two snowcapped mountain peaks, which indicates that it is probably a reference to them. Alternatively, some have speculated that it might be referring to the cult-hit television series ‘Twin Peaks’ created by David Lynch and Mark Frost.

What is the difference between hooters and Twin peaks?


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Hooters was founded in 1983 and operates and operates 430 restaurants around the US. On the other hand, Twin Peaks was founded in 2005 by Randy DeWitt and operates 101 restaurants in the US. One major difference between the two chains is their choice of uniforms for their waitresses.

Another major difference between the two restaurants is the food selection in the chain. According to CEO Joseph Hummel, their food is another factor that differentiates them from Hooters. “Everybody’s a foodie nowadays “You can’t fool the consumer in today’s world, with all the different food shows and food networks that are out there. It’s just a wide variety of different styles of food that don’t necessarily fit the stereotypical sports bar,” Hummel told Business Insider.

The sports lodge’s menu includes an eclectic mix of cuisines and dishes ranging from tacos, ribs, and chicken to waffles and pot roast. Additionally, they also offer the bar staples like chicken wings, sandwiches, and burgers, along with a bevy of beverages.


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Twin Peaks promises UFC fans a memorable fight night experience. All UFC fights including UFC 292 this week, which will see champion Aljamain Sterling take on Sean O’Malley for the UFC bantamweight crown will be broadcast live in all Twin Peaks locations across the United States. And, of course, it is more enjoyable to watch fights with other UFC fans. You may visit their website to find out the sports lodge nearest to you. What is your favorite place to watch a UFC fight? Let us know in the comments section below.

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