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“What the F**k Are You Talking About” – After $200 Million Spotify Deal, Joe Rogan Slams Howard Stern’s Stance on “Podcasts”

Published 05/26/2022, 8:30 AM EDT

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Joe Rogan made a monumental deal with the streaming giant Spotify for a whopping $100 million, which shocked the world when the news broke. The realization that this kind of money was available in this endeavor was simply mind-boggling for many. Now, Rogan revealed Howard Stern’s pitch on the podcast industry that would spin some heads.

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In a conversation with fellow stand-up comedian, Neal Brennan, Rogan talked about how ‘wrong’ Stern was about the future of podcasts.


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“Stern had decided that the podcasts were a waste of time. I remember him mocking podcasts back in the day. And he was like, you know, ‘you can’t make any money.’ And I was like, I don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about. Literally, [I] don’t know what you’re f***ing talking about,” said Spotify’s biggest podcast host.

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Rogan, as aforementioned, signed a remarkable deal in 2020, for a podcaster, and later it was revealed that the deal was worth double the amount it was previously disclosed as. Even before Rogan inked a deal with Spotify, the longtime UFC analyst had a massive audience on YouTube.

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Rogan’s podcast has regularly topped the chart of Spotify’s best podcast list. Though it has had a slip here and there, especially, a few weeks when Batman Unburied beat the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, it has been the best podcast on Spotify ever since its inception on the platform. Thus, Rogan paved the way for other podcasters to get into the ever-growing industry.

Joe Rogan believed Howard Stern made a ‘roadmap’ for the podcasters

Ironically, the former Fear Factor host, Rogan, had once praised Howard Stern’s bold persona and even suggested him as the main man behind the rise of the podcast world.


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Speaking to Tom Papa on JRE #1424, Rogan said, “Whatever anybody wants to say about Howard Stern, that motherf***er opened the door for all of us. All of us; For me, 100 percent.”


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The JRE host then revealed the reasons why Stern made a huge impact on the podcast industry. Thereafter, he reiterated, “He opened the door for podcasts for sure. All these outrageous people doing podcasts, he made the roadmap.”


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