Who is Daniel Cormier’s Wife Salina DeLeon and How Did She Impact His Career?

November 16, 2020 10:50 pm

Daniel Cormier is regarded as the greatest UFC fighter in the history of the promotion. His wrestling and his MMA techniques are nothing but a visual treat to the eyes.

Cormier holds a lot of records to his name. The most prominent of them is that he is a former Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion.

What’s more, he is the second fighter in UFC history to hold titles in 2 weight classes simultaneously and is the first to defend titles in 2 divisions.

With all the hard work that fighters put in to maintain their dominance, it is difficult for them to manage their personal lives. This is where a supportive family comes into the picture.

Also, a lot of what Cormier delivers in the octagon comes from the never-ending support that he gets from his wife, Salina DeLeon.

The life of being a wife to a legend can sometimes be glamorous and flashy. However, it can also be nasty at times when fans blame them when their partners do not perform.

One person who has managed all the highs and lows of this extravagant life is Daniel Cormier’s wife, Salina DeLeon. DeLeon comes from a humble background.

DC and Salina DeLeon have been together from the times before fame and money knocked on their door. The couple met in the year 2010 when Cormier had just started his MMA career and was struggling.

Cormier and DeLeon tied the knot on 27th May 2017 in California. They have two lovely kids together, one being a boy named Daniel Jr. and the other being girl named Marquita.

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What impact does DeLeon have on DC’s life?

Salina DeLeon has been with DC when he was not getting enough fights. It is quite evident that she has been with the champion when he needed someone in his life.

DeLeon is an ideal wife who acts as a pillar of support for the legend. DeLeon stuck by him throughout the trying period and now the couple is reaping the fruits of their labor.

Cormier admits that being a wife of an MMA fighter is not at all easy and his entire family, especially his wife, had a major role in pushing him above his limits.

This is what DeLeon said in one of her interviews:- “I used to dread training camps. I would have to brace myself. I would have to be mentally prepared to go in,” DeLeon says.

“But now I think about how far he’s come and know this is exactly where we dreamed of being with all these opportunities. So I try to be positive about everything, and grateful.”

With all the constant support from DeLeon, DC has defeated and knocked down all his opponents. With his hard work combined with the care he gets from his family, he has truly become one of the best fighters in the UFC.

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