Did Nate Diaz cross the line, or was it justified payback against Masvidal's team?

Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal are about to throw hands on July 6th inside the squared circle after five long years of wait. ‘GameBred’ knows a thing about clashing outside the Octagon but when he met Nate Diaz to promote their fight in Anaheim, Masvidal never expected Diaz’s team to throw hands at his camp.

The entire team of fighters threw hands at each other and it was nothing but mayhem. It was such a disaster that a close aide to Masdival sustained a brutal injury. So what actually caused the hubbub and who was the injured teammate? Let’s find out.

Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal press conference turns into a brawl


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It all started when Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz were in Anaheim, California to market their fight. Masvidal was already making comments against Diaz for not promoting the fight effectively and when they did it together, it was a disaster. The Stockton native was already irritated about the promotional event and he wanted to leave the event as soon as possible, “I’m done with this whole press conference s—,”

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Diaz was about to leave the event when the management stopped him to return for a face-off. Diaz agreed to the face-off and got up to the stage, flexed for a moment, and left the venue even before meeting Masvidal. The duo exchanged some verbal jabs and soon enough both of the teams started throwing hands at each other. It was so intense that Jorge Masvidal’s teammate was injured in it. Who was he? Let’s find out.

Who was Jorge Masvidal’s team member in the viral brawl video?

The entire situation escalated when team Diaz threw a punch at Masvidal’s team member after ‘GameBred’ slapped them. One of Masvidal’s close aides, Jorge Capetillo, who was also his coach threw a punch of his own towards Diaz’s team. When the dust settled down, Masvidal emerged from the hubbub as the security intervened.

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From the looks of it, we knew that Jorge Masvidal never suffered any major injury in the fiasco, however, it was the opposite for his coach who sustained a bruise. It must be noted that Nate Diaz never participated in the brawl as he left the event even before it ensued. He was not even seen in any of the social media videos of the fight. ‘GameBred’ was furious about the fact that his coach was injured in the event. Let’s have a look at what the Cuban said after the fight.


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‘Gamebred’ still furious over the altercation

The dust settled down a few days after the interaction and when it was all clear Jorge Masvidal came forward to provide his honest opinion about about the brawl. While having a conversation with Fight Hype, ‘GameBred’ emphasized that Diaz’s team not only broke the conduct but also went behind his father-figure coach.


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“They went after the most mature dude. He’s like a father, like an uncle. They went after him. They ain’t go after a young buck,” said Masvidal. When he was having a conversation with the CBS, he went deep into the melee attack, “My coach is in his mid-40s and isn’t a professional fighter, getting attacked by a professional fighter and one other guy and being on the ground and getting kicked and punched, to me, you guys are cowards,” Masvidal said. “It’s f—ing coward shit.”

Jorge Masvidal has vowed to take his revenge against Nate Diaz on July 6th. Their second clash would be interesting. What’s your take on the fiasco? State your thoughts in the comments below.