Why Is Alex Pereira Breakup Trending? Is Merle and ‘Poatan’ Not a Couple Anymore? UFC World Reacts to Rumors of Split-Up

Published 12/29/2023, 10:18 PM EST

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Being in the public eye is never easy, but especially brutal for the UFC stars, owing to a fanbase that remains unhinged. Despite maintaining a discreet demeanor regarding his private life, Alex Pereira has recently been under the spotlight concerning his recent relationship.

Even while being married, his stance has always been to reveal minimal details about his marital status, even after the divorce. The fighter thereafter has been in a relationship with media presenter Merle and all seemed to be sailing smoothly, until recently. Nonetheless, ͏there have been ͏rumours about their breakup, causing concern among fans of their favored fighter. Let’s dive in to understand what led the rumor mills to go up and running and all about Merle.

Who is Merle?


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Merle is a well-known TV presenter and interviewer. Pereira, taking to his Instagram account, has often shared glimpses of their connection, referring to Merle as a “special person.” It’s fairly apparent that Pereira has found a new love, and there’s a growing belief that he and Merle are indeed an item with even a supposed proposal that turned out to be a prank.

There isn’t much information available about their relationship or Merle herself, but she frequently shared updates about the Brazilian MMA star on her Instagram account. Notably, her Instagram bio even had the title “Mrs. Poatan,” suggesting a possible marriage, but it has been confirmed via numerous sources that they were not married.


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What may come as a surprise to many is Merle’s genuine passion for combat sports Beyond her role as ͏an interviewer for kickboxers, she frequently immerses herself in the world of UFC fight nights, and in some instances, you might catch her honing her ͏skills alongside the͏ formidable ‘Poatan’. So what’s the new buzz of heartbreak in the UFC town and what are the fans saying?

Alex Pereira is going through a breakup?

‘Poatan’ and Merle had a seemingly meaningful relationship, and recently, Pereira playfully proposed to Merle as a prank. The couple has always been seen together and maintained a strong connection. However, ͏rumors about their breakup started circulating͏ recently when Pereira and Merle unfollowed each other on social media.

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After this ordeal, eagle-eyed fans have noted that Merle has removed the term “Mrs Poatan” from her bio recently. Fans were concerned about the status of their favorite fighter and flooded Reddit to inquire about updates about their “Poatan”.

We are either getting the scarist Potan or beauty killed the beast

She was caught reading the wag book

strickland and pereira both single and ready to mingle

she cheated on him with another athlete in brazil


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Wait is this true? Somebody confirm this. I’m not into drama but this could seriously affect him

Nah, bro. Come on… This is worst news than my parents’ divorce. They had such great chemistry. We gotta fix this.

Fuck, I was rooting for them


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The fans’ reactions suggest that they, too, are perplexed͏ by the sudden rumour͏s. They speculate that the unfoll͏owing and bio change might be clear indications of a split but again, nothing is confirmed. Nonetheless, we will keep you updated on any such future updates. Keep an eye on this space!


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