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The UFC President, Dana White, is one of the most notable figures of the company. The 53-year-old is known for his easy-going and camera-friendly persona. White once again created headlines as he presented the UFC no.5 ranked lightweight, Michael Chandler as his choice for the possible next opponent for ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor. A TMZ sports reporter interviewed White, who said that the Chandler vs McGregor fight would make a lot of sense.

It was reported that White revealed his wish while speaking to ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto as well. Charlie Moynihan, who is also an ESPN employee, put out a tweet revealing White’s revelation.


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How did the fans react to this reported revelation by Dana White?

This incident was covered by the MMA covering Twitter page, ‘Spinnin Backfist’. They posted the tweet with a caption reading, Dana White tells ESPN that Conor McGregor’s next opponent is “most likely Michael Chandler”.

The fans presented a volley of different opinions in reply to this tweet by ‘Spinnin Backfist’. Some had different plans for McGregor‘s return fight, while others added their own choices to the fight card containing this probable fight. This “maybe” fight also received a few applauses from the fans. Some more replies gave predictions of the suggested fight.

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One of the replies read, “why not Masvidal at welterweight”. This user had planned something else for McGregor’s return. Another user wrote, “Get this fight at 155, if Conor wins, he jumps the line for the title, if he loses, goes up a weight class and fights Masvidal. Win-win for the UFC tbh”.

One more follower made his wish clear writing, “Throw this on the same card as nganou vs jones and it breaks records”.

White’s suggested fight also garnered some appreciation from the fans. One of them replied, “Great fight but this is still a very tough fight for conor. I would even have chandler as the slight favorite”. 

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Another fan also replied, continuing his tone, “Bruh lol you gon have to host this cus we running through walls for this one”. The excitement that this fan had for this showdown was apparent in his words.

While some others went on to predict the happenings of this fight. One such reply read, “Chandler is gonna destroy Connor”. While another one went a bit deeper and mentioned, “Michaels taking a dive. He don’t even care to win this fight as long as he gets to fight conman”.

There were a few hilarious replies to this post as well. One of them read, “McGregor gonna keep losing?” while another user wrote, “but Chandler is under 40 years old”.

White had taken the current situation into consideration

Michael Chandler had been very much vocal about his intentions of fighting the ‘Mystic Mac’. ‘Iron’ had also called out McGregor in his post-fight interview after putting Tony Ferguson to sleep with a gruesome front kick at UFC 274.

Chandler also talked to TMZ sports and revealed that he would be looking forward to “create some absolute fireworks” in the Octagon with McGregor if such a fight is scheduled.

On the other hand, ‘Mystic Mac’ had also tweeted about Chandler mentioning him as his next opponent to knock out.

A lot would agree that Dana White had taken the entire scenario into vision before this revelation. ‘Mystic Mac’s’ fight will undoubtedly have the fans swarming and the no. 5 ranked UFC lightweight himself had offered this challenge.


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Chandler had also clarified that he was ready to wait for McGregor’s return if the UFC was planning a bout between them.

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It is evident why Dana White had called this a matchup that “makes sense”. Do you agree with White? Does this pairing make sense to you as well?