Why Was Joe Rogan’s Tucker Carlson Episode Removed? Initial Deletion Gets Clarified by the Man Himself

Published 04/20/2024, 7:02 AM EDT

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One of the most influential figures in the realm of podcasting is the heavyweight, Joe Rogan. The 56-year-old embarked on his podcasting journey in the 2000s, a time when people had little understanding of what it entailed. Fast forward to today, Rogan is one of the most watched podcasters in the entire world. However, veterans are bound to make mistakes, and that’s what happened with the podcaster in his recent podcast. Joe Rogan recently had the opportunity to host controversial former Fox News reporter, Tucker Carlson, on ‘Joe Rogan Experience, #2138’.

The podcast community, however, was left confused when the episode was deleted just a few minutes after its uploading. The same resulted in many rumors and it thus forced the UFC commentator to come forward and issue a clarification.

Joe Rogan issues a clarification on the conspiracy theories


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There were many speculations by the fans, including the conversation that Joe Rogan’s team made an error, which is why they had to delete the episode from getting jolts from YouTube. The podcast listeners began to add more conspiracy theories to the situation, which seemed to have compelled Joe Rogan to come forward to clarify his position. The 200 million dollar worth podcaster finally came forward to explain why his team deleted the video. “FYI because there’s so many conspiracy theories about the Tucker podcast on YouTube; it was accidentally released at 12am instead of 12pm. Jamie made it temporarily private until the normally scheduled release time 12 hours later.” wrote Rogan on his X.

The episode was scheduled to be released at some other time, however, the team accidentally uploaded the video on YouTube ahead of the scheduled time. Joe Rogan’s team swiftly moved to private the video until further notice.


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Their 3-hour-long conversation was a rollercoaster ride for the viewers. Interestingly, Tucker Carlson’s thoughts on aliens seem to have caught the attention of the community.

Tucker Carlson believes aliens are from here

Rogan and Carlson’s conversation started with a light-hearted talk about aliens and UFOs, which turned into a full-fledged discussion about the US government’s intervention with the alien tech. The former Fox News reporter believes that UFO sightings and other spiritual things are not from other planets, rather they come from our blue planet.


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“US servicemen have died as a result of contact with or being in the proximity of these vehicles. And we know that because there’s a lot of suits working through the VA system. Where families can’t get compensated for the death or injuries of loved ones — Well, that’s just a fact that that’s happening. So if there’s, I guess, when there are measurable effects of a phenomenon we can say conclusively, the phenomenon is real. And so, yeah. But I guess we’re sort of past the point of ‘is it real?’ Yeah, it’s real,” said Tucker Carlson.

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