“Won’t Be Surprised if Khamzat Is Banned From Fighting”: Khamzat Chimaev Once Again in the Receiving End of the Fans’ Wrath Due to His Latest Actions Involving the Chechen Dictator’s Son

Published 08/19/2023, 12:56 AM EDT

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‘Borz’ faces backlash yet again! UFC’s welterweight prodigy Khamzat Chimaev is well-known for two things – his smack-talk and his Chechen origins. But it looks like one of his roots in his homeland does not sit well with fans. Why? Well, he was recently spotted with infamous Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov’s son Dustum – and yet another controversy ensued.

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After the Chechen fighter uploaded a picture with Dustum on Instagram, he drew mass criticism for his involvement with the Chechen leader’s son. From the looks of it, the duo were at a shooting range, donning their shooting gear and electronic ear muffs. But this is not the first time that ‘Borz’ has publicized his relationship with Kadyrov’s sons. 

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Back in 2022, the Welterweight posted a couple of pictures featuring the two sons of the Chechen leader – Ali and Dustum. In these clicks, ‘Borz’ was seen sparring with the Kadyrov brothers. Moreover, it is also alleged that during this session, Chimaev also sparred with the Chechen dictator himself. Whatever the case – this time, fans are not letting ‘Borz’s political connections slide. Expressing their distaste towards the Chechen fighter’s involvement with political figures, they’ve bashed Chimaev with some amusing and over-the-top comments. So, what do the fans have to say? Let’s find out!

Khamzat Chimaev on the receiving end of backlash from fans

Ever since ‘Borz’s picture with Dustum went viral for all the wrong reasons, he has been at the receiving end of backlash from fans and critics. Many MMA fans and even Chechen residents poured in with remarks and verbal jabs in his IG post’s comments section. Here’s a glimpse of the popular sentiment among netizens:

From questioning Chimaev’s integrity to speculating on his motivations, fans did not hold back in their comments:


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Some fans expressed apprehensions about the Chechen fighter’s trajectory – suggesting,

“Your prime is coming towards the end.🙌”

Others criticized ‘Borz’ for what they perceived as being influenced by political agendas.

“How much did he pay you to post this? Are you Kadyrov’s babysitter? If you love him so much, why don’t you live in Chechnya instead of Sweden? All my homies hate puppets, and Khamzat has become a puppet.”

Moreover, one fan predicted that ‘Borz’ might face serious due to his association with the Kadyrov family.

“Obviously one of kadyrov’s people runs this page for khamzat. But if they keep this up I won’t be surprised if khamzat is banned from fighting in the states due to his relationship with this family.”

Likewise, some fans challenged Chimaev’s actions and urged him not to compromise his principles:

“What’s the point in whether he will beat someone or not if in real life he is a cowardly and pathetic puppet for dictatorial children?”

But amid all the criticism, some fans resorted to satire, chiming in,


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“Don’t fist bump too hard”

“Didn’t his pops rig a fight”

“Costa making memes on you”


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While some express concern for his career and personal choices, others use humor to comment on the situation. As Chimaev navigates this latest controversy, the MMA community continues to voice its opinions, underscoring the significance of fighters’ actions beyond the Octagon. But what do you think of ‘Borz’s association with the Kadyrov family? Drop your ideas in the comments below!

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