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WOW! Joe Rogan’s Podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ Absolutely Demolishes Its Competition In Viewership Figures

Published 01/05/2022, 12:17 AM EST

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Joe Rogan’s famed podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, has been a staple feature for listeners across all genres for a meaningful period. The former host of ‘Fear Factor’ has garnered critical acclaim for his podcast, not just in the MMA space. However, the MMA community knows Rogan both from the podcast as well as his long tenure on the UFC’s commentary bench.

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Recent statistics reveal that Joe Rogan’s podcast is impactful in more ways than one. Analytics pulled from Spotify and Nielsen Holdings show that ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast draws in 11 million viewers per show on average. Notably, the famed podcast beats out several traditional network shows such as the Tucker Carlson show as well and Fox News Primetime.


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It’s important to note that ‘JRE’ beats out the mainstream media by a significant margin across the board. CNN Primetime, MSNBC Primetime, etc. fail to hold a candle to the impact that Joe Rogan’s podcast has had.

Additionally, it seems like his landmark deal with Spotify was truly a masterstroke for all parties involved. The media platform became the exclusive home of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ by reportedly striking a deal with the UFC commentator for $100 million. The platform holds back catalog episodes as well as newly released content.

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Joe Rogan looks back at 12 years of ‘JRE’


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Not too long ago, former co-host of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ Brian Redban appeared on the podcast. Both men reminisced about their journey that began in 2009 and expressed their surprise over what the podcast has evolved into. It’s safe to say that Joe Rogan didn’t anticipate the sit-down form podcast to evolve into what it has become.

“How the fu*k could I have ever guessed that [the impact of JRE]… There’s no way I could have predicted it. How the fu*k could anybody have predicted it. We started off with zero listeners and just not thinking that it was going to be anything other than just fu*king around.”

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Given the way the podcast has evolved over the years, it’s clear that JRE will only continue to grow and flourish. Its impact is certainly felt amongst a diverse audience and it has eclipsed traditional media in many ways.

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