‘WTF!!!’ – 5-Feet-8 Conor McGregor’s Astonishing Weight Revelation Sets Off UFC Fans

Published 11/05/2022, 8:00 AM EDT

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Conor McGregor started off his UFC career as a 145-pound fighter. After becoming a champion in the featherweight division, ‘The Notorious’ swiftly transcended to lightweight. Moreover, he also made sporadic appearances in the 170 pounds division, although fans perceived him to be undersized there. 

While welterweight seemed like the threshold for the Irishman, his recent hiatus from the sport has seen McGregor grow the biggest and the bulkiest fans have ever seen him. Moreover, he even recently came out on Twitter and delivered an answer to what his speculated weight might be.


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Many might think that the ‘Mystic Mac’ would cap at 200 lbs considering his frame and his natural weight. However, reality is way beyond the imagination. Of late, the UFC megastar came out and revealed his actual weight, and it was enough to blow anyone’s mind. 

Conor McGregor revealed his exact weight 

In a recent tweet, where a fan speculated McGregor’s weight to be somewhere between 200-220lbs, the Dubliner decided to take matters into his own hands and replied by stating his exact weight. The former UFC double champ revealed that his current weight was 265lbs. He tweeted, “265 in the bank. #superheavy”.

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Moreover, for those who might not know, 265lbs is also the UFC heavyweight division’s weight limit. Therefore, in other words, it’s safe to say that McGregor is just a pound shy of crossing the weight limit at the heaviest weight class in the UFC. 

Fans react to McGregor’s recent weight revelation

The information has sent shock waves in the MMA world. More so because fans were more accustomed to seeing a much smaller McGregor. However, at 265lbs, there was no surprise that fans went into a frenzy.


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One fan stated that McGregor will be winning the heavyweight gold next.

Meanwhile, another user was in absolute shock.

Another fan speculated that the weight gain must be to rematch against Khabib Nurmagomedov, who’s also gone big post-retirement. 

Furthermore, a user wanted to know if McGregor was on secret juice.

However, another user had just one question. 

A guy even called the Irishman a weirdo.

Moreover, another one speculated a match between him and Francis Ngannou with a subtle warning.


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Meanwhile, with so much muscle on, the fans have doubts about his return to the Octagon. Furthermore, the weight division that he would choose for his return would be interesting to see as well. 


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What do you think about McGregor weighing 265lbs? Let us know. 

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