“You F*cked Over Guys for a Long Long Time”: Dana White Slammed for “1993” Pay in 2023

Published 01/31/2023, 2:15 PM EST

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Fighter’s pay issue has been a major problem in the UFC along with the Power Slap League. The promotion has been facing criticism regarding the fighter’s pay and, moreover, Dana White is a central figure for both. The UFC president is on the receiving end of the outrage from the fans. Furthermore, another UFC veteran has spoken about the issue and has slammed the UFC president for the same. The former fighter spoke about the parallels between the Power Slap League and the UFC in the earlier days.

Brendan Schaub thrashes Dana White over fighters’ pay in Power Slap League

Brendan Schaub has always been one of the most outspoken fighters in the UFC. The former UFC fighter speaks on any issue and is relentless when it comes to voice his opinion on any topic. This time he focused on Dana White‘s Power Slap League. The former UFC heavyweight said, “It’s a tough sell man. Listen, I enjoy a sh*t show. I feel bad for the guys how much they’re paid. Then Dana went at some kid on Instagram or Twitter. So this guy wrote a title where you get 2k and 2k and 10k and 10k if you win it all.”


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Furthermore, Schaub quoted White‘s tweet on the podcast. He further criticized White for not knowing the real problem. He said, “I think ‘@powerfuljuicebox’ is educated. The problem is 2k and 2k and Dana goes yeah that’s how MMA started too. Yeah b*tch in 1993.”

White was criticized for using the same tactics he did in UFC


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Brendan Schaub relentlessly targeted Dana White all throughout the podcast. The former UFC fighter stated, “2k and 2k these slap fights can make more at Starbucks. ‘That’s how MMA started too’. No no no, we know, you f****d over guys for a long long time.”

Moreover, the former UFC veteran was critical of the fighter’s pay in the Power Slap League. While bashing White, he continued, “You just regurgitating your same business model, but you can’t get away with it in MMA anymore, so you’re using these idiots in the Slap Fight league and they’re buying it and eating it.”


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What do you think about Brendan Schaub’s recent statements against Dana White? Do you think he was honest in his approach?


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