“You Mean a Politician Said Something They Ran on…” – Aaron Rodgers Comments on Brittney Griner Situation While Joe Rogan Points Out Its ‘Hypocrisy’

Published 08/29/2022, 1:30 PM EDT
US WNBA basketball superstar Brittney Griner arrives to a hearing at the Khimki Court, outside Moscow on June 27, 2022. – Griner, a two-time Olympic gold medallist and WNBA champion, was detained at Moscow airport in February on charges of carrying in her luggage vape cartridges with cannabis oil, which could carry a 10-year prison sentence. (Photo by KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images)

Brittney Griner, a well-known WNBA player, is currently going through a difficult time in her life. After she was discovered in possession of some illegal substances at the Russian airport, she was given a 9-year prison sentence.

In America, the news generated waves. Numerous politicians, athletes, and celebrities have already shared their opinions on the subject. Even the well-known color commentator of the UFC, Joe Rogan, discussed the Griner case on his popular podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ on Spotify.


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Every time the 55-year-old podcaster brought up the WNBA star, he came across as supportive. Even in the most recent episode of his show, which featured NFL legend Aaron Rodgers, Rogan defended Griner and slammed the American government’s hypocrisy.

“The hypocrisy about the Brittney Griner situation was so egregious in this country, where Kamala Harris is talking about how horrible it is that Brittney Griner is in jail,” Rogan said. 

“You put people in jail. You did thousands of people in jail for marijuana… It’s crazy. Like this student, loan debt forgiveness, that’s great. But how come you guys didn’t exonerate people that were in jail for marijuana? When you said you were going to make marijuana federally legal. None of that has happened,” Rogan added. 

After that, the Green Bay Packers quarterback took a subtle dig at politicians. He replied, “You mean a politician said something they ran on and didn’t actually enact that said policy?”

“I know it’s crazy really happens, but occasionally you catch them,” Rogan replied. 

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is not number one anymore

The UFC color commentator started his podcast on YouTube over a decade ago. Later, he signed an exclusive deal with Spotify as the podcast gained a loyal global fan base.


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Today The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most widely heard podcasts on the streaming platform. It was also number one on the UK and US charts. However, the podcast has recently been dethroned from the position by a new show.

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The top podcast in the US and UK right now is Meghan Markle’s “Archetype.” It outperformed Rogan’s show, which is now ranked second. However, the UFC commentator has a sizable following. He had previously been removed from the position. But the program bounced back to the number one position in a short time.


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Do you guys think Rogan’s show will be back in the top position in the Spotify charts? What are your thoughts on Rogan and Rodgers’s words on Griner’s case? Let us know in the comments section below.

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