“You’re Gonna Die From Their Rejection” – UFC Legend Benson Henderson Shares Sad Hall of Fame Take Revealing He Won’t Be Pressing Dana White for It

Published 03/14/2023, 11:12 AM EDT

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The UFC Hall of Fame is one of the most prestigious inductions for anyone associated with the UFC. The UFC Hall of Fame includes some of the most famous and deserving fighters and non-fighters in the promotion. Moreover, it is a dream for every fighter to be a part of the prestigious group of people in the Hall of Fame. However, there is one fighter that doesn’t seem to care about this accolade that Dana White gives.

‘Smooth’ recently appeared on Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour. The retired UFC fighter answered the question of whether he would like to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Benson Henderson answers if he wants to be in the UFC Hall of Fame


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Benson Henderson retired with a record of 30-12 in professional MMA. The former UFC lightweight lost his last fight to Usman Nurmagomedov. ‘Smooth’ is one of the most popular UFC and Bellator MMA fighters. Ariel Helwani asked, “Do you care about this? Do you want to be in the UFC Hall of Fame? Would that mean something to you?”

Henderson replied, “I would definitely appreciate it. My man said, ‘If you live for that acceptance, you’re gonna die from their rejection.’ So while it would be nice to have that. Like any sort of accolade, you get like it’s cool. It’s nice, not bad at all.”

Furthermore, ‘Smooth’ continued, “It shows that people, the organization, that they appreciate what you’ve done, what you’ve accomplished. But at the same time, it’s not something you should live for. It’s not something you should be all about. If they don’t give it to you, then it’s gonna eat you up. You’re gonna die from the rejection…”

Benson Henderson isn’t holding on to the idea of entering the UFC Hall of Fame

The former UFC lightweight said that he would like to be in the UFC Hall of Fame. Moreover, he is also excited to show up at the event in a “suit and tie” if he would get the chance.


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‘Smooth’ added, “I think that you know if I were to get into the UFC Hall of Fame, that would be awesome. I am all about it. That’d be great. Show up there in a suit and tie and say ‘Thank You guys.'”

He further continued, “You know that kind of stuff but it’s not something I’m gonna campaign for, it’s not something that you know I’m gonna hold out on. Cross my fingers and hold my breath. That type of thing you know, but yeah, for sure, I would have much respect, much appreciation for that kind of acknowledgment.”


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What do you think about Benson Henderson? Should he be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame? Let us know in the comments.

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