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“You’re Not Supposed to Have Them…”: Joe Rogan Lashes Out at the Presidential Dog After His 11th Biting Incident

Published 10/03/2023, 3:14 AM EDT

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Joe Rogan, renowned for hosting one of the world’s largest podcasts, The Joe Rogan Experience, has often showcased his deep affection for animals, particularly dogs. During his interviews, such as the one featuring John Wick director Chad Stahleski, Rogan has openly discussed his role as a long-time owner of various breeds of massive dogs. His current furry companion, Marshall, has garnered considerable attention with an irresistibly adorable Instagram presence!

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However, in a recent social media post, Rogan took a rather unexpected stance against President Joe Biden’s pet, Commander. Rogan, who has previously expressed his concerns about Joe Biden, offered a unique perspective rooted in his love for animals, addressing incidents involving the presidential pet.

Joe Rogan slams the President for issues caused by his pets


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The Bidens, known for their love of dogs, introduced three German Shepherds into the White House. One of these canines, Major, was relocated from the presidential residence after a series of biting incidents. Unfortunately, Commander Biden has not fared much better, as he recently bit yet another Secret Service agent, marking the 11th known occurrence.

Rogan seized the opportunity to highlight this issue by sharing a screenshot of a news headline reporting the incident. In the accompanying Instagram caption, he posed a thought-provoking question, stating, “I want you to imagine what would happen if your dog bit 11 secret service agents. German Shepherds are really f**king smart working dogs. You’re not just supposed to have them laying around bored.


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This is not the first instance of Rogan voicing his criticisms of President Biden. In previous episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience, he has been candid about his disapproval of the President’s actions.


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One particular incident in question unfolded as President Biden was presenting diplomas to Air Force Academy graduates. A stumble and fall by the President during this ceremony quickly went viral. Rogan discussed this incident on his podcast during an episode featuring comedian Theo Von.

Rogan and his disapproval of President Biden

Joe Rogan, however, did not view Biden’s recent fall as a subject for humor. When Von attempted to share a personal story about his elderly father being taken advantage of due to his age, Rogan promptly distinguished that in Biden’s case, it was simply a fall.

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Within seconds, Rogan unleashed a candid and profanity-laden critique of the current President of the United States, stating, If you go back and listen to that guy lying about his education record and lying about his accomplishments. Like, he’s always been a problem.” He expressed his belief that such matters would have been scrutinized more thoroughly if Biden were a Republican.


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In conclusion, Joe Rogan’s recent commentary on President Biden’s pet and his candid remarks about the President himself demonstrate his willingness to voice his opinions. Particularly when it comes to matters that resonate with his personal values and beliefs.


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Do you agree with Joe Rogan and his opinions about pets? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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