“I Don’t Wanna Be Around Them” – Joe Rogan Will Refuse to Interview Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin

Published 05/29/2022, 5:25 AM EDT

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Over the years, fans have known UFC color commentator Joe Rogan for his famous podcast. Many believe that he brings the best out of his guests.

While Rogan has interviewed many people from many walks of life, he was asked an interesting question recently. Lex Fridman asked if the voice of the UFC would ever interview Russian President Vladimir Putin in a recent episode of Rogan’s podcast.

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The saga started when Rogan was narrating an incident of him interviewing someone who was in jail. Lex Fridman interrupted Rogan and asked him a question. He asked, “But I feel like it’s not your style, like just put it on the table, Putin? “. On top of it, they added the former US president Donald Trump as well.


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JR replied by saying, “No. I didn’t even wanna interview Trump…I wouldn’t be interested in talking to him regular. So, I wouldn’t be interested in talking to him and broadcasting it. I don’t wanna be around them.” 


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On a related note, this statement by Joe Rogan is not surprising at all. Because, the legendary commentator once narrated how the Russian President walked away with an NFL Superbowl ring.

Joe Rogan on how Vladimir Putin walked away with Robert Kraft’s Superbowl ring

Russian President Vladimir Putin is known to be a powerful man. The UFC commentator once narrated a story of how Putin walked away with Robert Kraft’s ring.


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Joe Rogan said that once when Kraft had his Superbowl ring on him, he met Putin. He further added that Putin asked Kraft if he could hold his ring and he put it on and went away.

Reading out of an article, the former comedian said that Putin said to Kraft he could kill someone with this ring as he put it on his finger. He added that when Kraft held his hand out to get the ring back, Putin, who was surrounded by KGB agents, slipped the ring into his pocket.

This is one crazy story narrated by Rogan. But, similar stories like these and the knowledge he provides on his podcast is what attracts viewers to him and that is one of the reasons why Joe Rogan enjoys an enormous fan base as well.


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