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“I’d Make a Boatload off of Colin Kaepernick” Ben Shapiro Explains to Joe Rogan Why He Wouldn’t Blackball the NFL Star

Published 05/14/2022, 9:30 AM EDT

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Joe Rogan does not shy away from sharing what’s on his mind. We have seen this countless times on his podcasts. The American doesn’t hesitate to speak about what he believes in, even if it is a controversial opinion. Let us look back at when political commentator Ben Shapiro joined him as the two gave their thoughts on the Kaepernick controversy.

Colin Kaepernick became notorious for his protest during the national anthem, which caused him great damage career-wise. Kaepernick became a free agent after that season but could never join back, and it seemed as though the NFL was blackballing him.


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Shapiro joined Rogan on his podcast and gave his thoughts on the situation. He said, “As much as I dislike what Colin Kaepernick’s doing, I don’t think that he should be blackballed from the NFL. If I were an NFL owner, by the way, I’d hire him in a second. You know the kind of press I’d get for hiring Colin Kaepernick? I’d make a boatload off of Colin Kaepernick. That’s a great deal.”


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Rogan agreed with this opinion and even asked why people weren’t doing it. Shapiro took some shots at the former football quarterback.

Shapiro responded to Rogan by saying, “I assume because he’s not that great a quarterback.” To support his argument, he even mentioned football legend, Tom Brady.

He said, “I mean, like if he were Tom Brady, I think that he would… you know, be getting a contract.”

Joe Rogan’s Beef With Colin Kaepernick

Joe Rogan has openly criticized Kaepernick for his comments on the NFL. In his Netflix documentary ‘Colin In Black & White’, Kaepernick compared the NFL to slavery.


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This didn’t sit right with Rogan as he bashed the former quarterback. He said, “Imagine comparing the ability to do it or not do it, you sign up for it, everybody — like, so many people who play football want to be in the NFL. It’s a goal. It’s a dream. You can make millions of dollars. And imagine comparing that to slavery simply because they measure people’s physical performance.”


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Rogan pointed out that playing in the NFL was a choice and a dream for most people. Playing in it can provide life-changing opportunities, and it isn’t fair to compare it with slavery just because physical performance is being measured.


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With this, it is safe to say that Rogan isn’t the biggest fan of Kaepernick.

What did you think about this whole controversy? Do you agree with Shapiro and Rogan? Drop your opinions in the comments below.



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