Rob Gronkowski Answers if He Can Beat Tom Brady in a UFC Octagon, Reveals Fates of Aaron Donald, Mike Evans, Julian Edelman & More

Published 08/22/2022, 12:15 PM EDT

MMA, in today’s day, is more popular than ever. With the likes of promotions like UFC, the sport is at a height it had never experienced before.


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Even players from other sports have shown an active interest in the ongoing and upcoming MMA events. Celebrities pop up at UFC events every now and then. And several athletes from different sports chime in for a conversation about MMA. It’s often a topic of discussion.


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Rob Gronkowski’s MMA Match-making

Famous NFL tight end, Rob Gronkowski had a fun segment with SportsCenter where he was asked about a number of NFL players. He had to answer, how would he fare against them? 

Names like Tom Brady, Aaron Donald, Mike Evans, etc. were thrown at him. 

It started when the host said to ‘The Buccaneer,’ “So I’m gonna ask you a list of NFL players, and you’re going to tell me if you’re gonna beat them in an MMA fight?”. Gronkowski was up for the game and said, “Alright, let’s hear it.”

The game started with the host asking,

“So, Tom Brady?”

The Tight back answered, “Yes”

“Aaron Donald?”


“Mike Evans?”

“Yes, sorry Mike.”

Julian Edelman?”

“He’s good at boxing but not MMA so yeah, I can take him down.”

DK Metcalf?”

“Ooh, man’s a freak! But yeah.”

Vince Wilfork?”

“Oh no no no”


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Fans seemed to enjoy the segment, and many responded on how the ‘Tight End’ would actually do in a fight.


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NFL and footballers, in general, take a major interest in MMA. As can be seen in major UFC events, many NFL stars grace the event with their presence. Seven-time super bowl champion Tom Brady shares great relations with UFC President Dana White. The quarterback is not only a huge fan of the sport but also a major stakeholder in the company as well.

The sports fandom also includes other famous celebrities. Hollywood actors, pop stars, rappers, and social media stars, are all getting attracted to the sport.


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Outside Athletes Transitioning into Combat Sports

Recently, athletes from other sports have been shown to transition into boxing after retirement. Every now and then exhibition bouts take place involving these athletes. Although, nothing of that sort has been noticed in any major MMA promotions. But, we should never say never and see if the future entails any such event.

Nov 27, 2020; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Jake Paul (left) and Nate Robinson (right) weigh in for a cruiserweight boxing bout in Los Angeles. Mandatory Credit: Lynn Millspaugh/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports

Which athlete from outside would you like to see compete in MMA?


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