“UFC Need to Review Their Contract Approach”: Dana White and Co. Faces Fans’ Wrath After Cedric Doumbe’s 9-Second KO Which Even Left Kylian Mbappe Shocked

Published 10/01/2023, 3:45 AM EDT

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There are debuts, then there are great debuts, and then comes Cedric Doumbe’s debut in PFL Paris. As the former Glory Kickboxing fighter took center stage, he went above on beyond, defeating his opponent within a matter of 9 seconds. This sent the already excited crowd into a frenzy.

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This remarkable performance against his opponent Jordon Zebo, was seemingly Le Meilleur’s treat to his home country. Making his debut further memorable, Doumbe delivered a performance that not only caught the eye of netizens but also soccer legend Kylian Mbappe.

Cedric Doumbe’s dazzling debut delights France as fans react to his win


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Even before the fight started, the Former kickboxing champion had the entire crowd in his palm. He entered the arena with a mattress and pillow, all to mock his opponent! How do you think the crowd reacted to that? The arena was filled with screams, marking his stardom as a fighter in France.

The fight started and ended as fast as Lightning Mcqueen (Cars movie). Zebo in a hurry attempted a high kick. Doumbe caught the kick and after that, Doumbe battered Zebo with his left hand and followed up with shots which ended the match within 9 seconds. It caught the crowd by surprise who celebrated it with roars and cheers. Soccer sensation Kylian Mbappe couldn’t hold himself back and praised the fighter.


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Kylian Mbappe was one of the onlookers at the match who witnessed the moment unfold in front of him. Mbappe soon took to X(Formerly Twitter to express his mouth-drop moment.

Following this Fans took to the internet to express their joy and surprise by the expertise showcased by Doumbe. Some of the reactions are as follows :

Catches the kick smacks him with the left, lovely I watched both his fights against Nicky holtzken just yesterday actually.

He fakes the low roundhouse and then sneaks in the left hook
Jesus Christ, when’s this dude getting to the ufc

The UFC doesn’t realize they’re actually damaging themselves with how little they pay fighters

The whole show was crazy,the hype for Cédric in France is very much McGregor like it’s nuts

He was supposed to be on that UFC France card a while back, definitely a miss for the UFC

$10K per fight when you have been a glory champion is a joke! Ufc need to review their contract approach

Based on the fan reactions, they were awestruck by the dominant performance showcased by Doumbe. Now they are rooting for the fighter to fight under the UFC. However, Doumbe’s rejection of the UFC may make it a different task altogether.

Why has Cedric Doumbe never fought in the UFC?


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Cedric Doumbe was supposed to compete in UFC’s inaugural event in Paris, but a fault on the part of doctors about his brain condition led to his departure from the promotion. Despite being cleared by multiple doctors, UFC chose to part ways with the Glory Champion. In addition to this, the Paris Commission’s stringent rule which states that fighters with less than 10 bouts must face opponents with similar MMA experience challenged his bout against Darian weeks.

However, Doumbé’s journey took an unexpected turn as he signed a far more lucrative deal with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), which he claims is ten times better than the UFC’s offer. Despite having received an offer from Bellator, Doumbé found their terms unsatisfactory.


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Despite all these challenges Cedric Doumbe’s dominant performance in his debut has caught the eye of the entire combat world. What are your thoughts on his UFC debut, if any? Do tell us in the comments below.

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