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“F**k, This Is Awesome”: After Relentless Trolling, Dana White’s Power Slap League’s Brutal KO Sends Fans Into a Frenzy

Published 06/02/2023, 12:48 AM EDT

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Dana White has faced relentless criticism since the inception of his controversial venture, the Power Slap League. Despite the continuous backlash, White adamantly claims that the Power Slap League is thriving. In fact, the league’s second season has recently premiered on Rumble.

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The Power Slap League has always been a lightning rod for critics, drawing scrutiny for its impact on the health and safety of participants and questioning its legitimacy as a sport. However, White remains undeterred by these setbacks and remains steadfast in his support of the league. Moreover, the UFC president proudly declared that the Power Slap league reigns supreme in the world of sports, surpassing even the NBA, NHL, NFL, F-1, WWE, and other major sports organizations combined in terms of numbers.


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Surprisingly, while this slap fighting competition is thrown under the bus for the most part, the wave has shifted its course for once. All thanks to a recent, brutal knockout in the second season, the divisive promotion this time received more cheers than boos.

Fans are finally in tune with Dana White for Power Slap

In a recent match in the Power Slap two, Austin Turpin and Bryan Dozier faced off in a showdown. The promotion’s Instagram handle wasted no time in sharing a captivating clip from the match, featuring Turpin delivering a powerful and striking slap to Dozier, causing him to collapse and kiss the canvas.


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The sheer brutality of this moment caught the attention of fans. They flocked to the comment section and expressed some interest in the league owing to the intense display of power.


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Check out how the fans reacted to this insane knockout:

  • “Bro slapped him and his soul in 5 different dimensions. 😮‍💨”
  • “Slapped the cotton out that boy”
  • “I’m still expecting Dana White to sign Will Smith to the next event”
  • I can’t imagine just sitting there getting ready to just get smoked! F**k, this is awesome!!! 😂😂😂”
  • “He got slapped the f**k out!!!!”
  • “For a second I thought that was a tooth flying 😂”
  • “Straight to bed 💤”
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Despite its controversial nature, the Power Slap league continues to capture attention. Perhaps Dana White has proved his point here?


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What are your thoughts on Power Slap? Let us know in the comments below.

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