“I Am Really Frustrated Its Illegal in the United States”- Joe Rogan and Hulk Hogan Mad at Athletes Being Kept From Stem Cell Treatments in America

Published 08/26/2023, 3:18 AM EDT

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The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is known for candid conversations between Joe Rogan and reputed global personalities, discussing topics across domains. However, there have been several podcast episodes where Rogan didn’t hold back and shared his candid thoughts, often talking about his frustrations as well.

In a recent podcast with retired professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, Rogan talked about the accessibility of stem cell treatments in the United States. As they started discussing stem cells, they were both pretty annoyed about the restrictions on stem cell treatments in the United States. What’s bothering them the most? Well, it’s the fact that American athletes are missing out on some potentially great results because of these regulations.

Joe Rogan highlights his frustration


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During the conversation with Hogan, Rogan talked about rules and regulations surrounding stem cell treatment. Rogan didn’t hold back his disappointment and said, “It really sucks… because I haven’t seen anything negative about the use of stem cells. So I’m just really frustrated that it’s illegal in the United States, and then all these people getting great results.”


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He also talked about athletes he knows who have used stem cell treatment to fix their health issues. The 56-year-old said, “I know so many athletes that have gotten problems fixed through stem cells, and most of them have done it either in Columbia or Tijuana.” Earlier this year, Aljamain Sterling revealed he was going to Colombia for a stem cell treatment program that would help him get back on track ahead of this fight with Henry Cejudo.


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Rogan’s personal experience with Stem Cell Treatment 

As the conversation progressed, Rogan highlighted his frustration with the regulatory hurdles and questioned the legality of potentially harmful substances like opiates and the restrictions on groundbreaking treatments like stem cells. He said, “It’s such a bummer that. It’s, it’s so restricted because I don’t see the danger to it when you consider it and in comparison to the danger against something like opiates, which are legal, right? Like, why are you restricting this like this?”

Rogan also shared his personal story, highlighting the transformative potential of stem cell treatments. “I had a full-length rotator cuff tear, disappear, just went away. Six months later, again, an MRI, like this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, it’s like it’s gone,” said Rogan, underscoring the personal benefits he got from stem cell treatment.


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Through this conversation, these influential figures threw a spotlight on the need for change in regulations surrounding stem cell treatment in the USA. It also emphasized the need for a system that lets innovation flourish and gives athletes a shot at better health. Share your thoughts.

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