“I’ll Probably Go Back…”: Weeks After Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Heartwarming Gesture, Themba Gorimbo Reveals How He Might End Up Sleeping on His Gym Couch Again

Published 09/09/2023, 6:19 AM EDT

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Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock,’ isn’t just a Hollywood icon and former WWE legend; he’s also a man with a heart of gold. Johnson’s philanthropic moves have touched the lives of many, including Themba Gorimbo, a UFC star who found himself facing a financial struggle after a hard-fought victory. In the world of professional fighting, success doesn’t always translate to immediate financial security. Themba Gorimbo, a fighter hailing from Zimbabwe, experienced this firsthand after securing his first win at UFC Vegas 73.

Despite the triumph, Gorimbo’s bank account reflected a mere $7, and he promptly sent his earnings back home. Moved by Gorimbo’s story and his unwavering determination, Dwayne Johnson decided to extend a helping hand. Part of what made Gorimbo’s story so inspirational was how he slept on a couch in the gym. ‘The Rock’ did his fair bit to ensure Gorimbo had more than a couch to rest on. However, it seems the UFC welterweight is headed back there – to the same couch, mere weeks after the Hollywood star extended a helping hand. But why?

Themba Gorimbo’s couch: A symbol of perseverance for the UFC star


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Themba Gorimbo, despite receiving a life-changing gift from The Rock, remains grounded and connected to his roots. He cherishes a particular piece of furniture—the couch at his gym in Florida, where he used to rest during the struggling days of his UFC career.

Gorimbo expressed his love for the apartment provided by Dwayne Johnson, emphasizing its importance to his family. The UFC Welterweight rising star declared via a conversation with TMZ Sports“With the blessing that he gave me, you know, giving me a place to stay, and having to do everything that he’s done for me… for me, it’s a blessing from God. It is [a] really – really, really surreal [feeling].”


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Still, he shared his intention to return to that gym couch when fight camp preparations resume. For him, that couch is more than just furniture; it’s a symbol of the journey he’s embarked on.

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Gorimbo added, “It belongs to me… When the fight camp kicks in, six weeks from the fight, I’ll probably go back to the gym and sleep on that couch.” But how did it all come to be? Here’s the story behind how ‘The Rock’ surprised Gorimbo and swept him away with his philanthropic gesture.

Dwayne Johnson and his heartfelt gesture: A UFC star’s lifeline

The Rock paid a surprise visit to Themba Gorimbo at the MMA Masters gym in Florida. This unexpected encounter left “The Answer” overwhelmed with emotion as he embraced Johnson with gratitude. However, the surprises didn’t end there. Dwayne Johnson then revealed an extraordinary gift for Gorimbo—a new house. Initially presenting it as a friend’s residence, Johnson disclosed that the house was, in fact, a gift for the struggling UFC star.


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‘The Rock’s Instagram post capturing the UFC fighter’s reaction blew up within minutes. Hordes of fans, fellow celebrities, and big names poured in with appreciation for the Hollywood star’s philanthropic gesture.

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Now, Themba Gorimbo has expressed his gratitude yet again – and this time, he makes sure to shed light on his humble beginnings. Even in the face of growing fame, the 11-4 Welterweight keeps cementing his status as a humble UFC rising star.


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As the bond between Dwayne Johnson and Themba Gorimbo continues to grow, it’s clear that this story is one of compassion, generosity, and the enduring spirit of those who never give up on their dreams. Don’t you love the story of their connection? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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