Ronda Rousey is one of the most looked-up personalities in the universe of combat sports. Many female fans have admitted to ‘Rowdy’ being their role model. The fighter became the first woman to have won titles in WWE as well as the UFC. Furthermore, she has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for both promotions. To add to her laurels, she appeared in a couple of blockbuster movies, like ‘The Expendables 3’ and ‘Furious 7’. However, the fighter’s morals seem to be fairly high. Additionally, she has co-authored a book with her sister. The book was written as a biography for the former UFC title holder. She has surprised the fans with secrets from her life, which later turned into some lessons. She recalled one such incident that involved a scuffle with her sister.

Although the fighter was the youngest judoka to have ever competed in the Olympic Games, her journey started off with a lesson. In her book, ‘My Fight/Your Fight’, she recalled a fight with her sister during their childhood.

Ronda Rousey recalled a memorable fight with her sister


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Rousey had several rules while growing up. A major rule involved hitting someone only if that person hit her first. However, the young judoka fell into the traps of many fights. Nevertheless, some fights become etched in the memories while some fade into oblivion. One of the fights that stayed memorable was the one between the Rousey siblings. 

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Rousey remembered, “One of the last fights was perhaps the most memorable. It was between Jennifer and me. I can’t remember what it was over, but I am sure it was all Jennifer’s fault. I had started judo, but knew better than to use the moves I had learned on my sister.” Additionally, she revealed that she was more scared of her mother’s rage than her sister. She recalled that the two were fighting in a narrow front hallway with bookshelves on the walls. 

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Although ‘Rowdy’ had every chance of winning, she decided to let go of her sister. “I don’t want to hurt you, Jennifer,” the fighter had said. However, the response she got from her sibling wasn’t a positive one. Rowdy said, “I slid off her back, peeling my arm away from her windpipe. Jen turned on me. With incredible speed and a strength I didn’t even know she possessed, she grabbed my head by the hair. Before I could fully process what was happening, she pounded my head several times into the nearest bookshelf.”

However, these experiences translated into a high-achieving combat career for her.

Ronda Rousey’s mother gave her the words of motivation


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Rousey’s first judo match was coincidentally on her 11th birthday. However, being a child, the first-ever tournament had her nervous. She only had a single throw and a single pin in her arsenal. But, she wasn’t going to let her training go to waste. But her troubled face was noticed by her mother as she said, “You can win.”

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Without a doubt, that boosted the young Rousey’s confidence, and she won the first tournament she ever participated in. That was the moment when she tasted victory for the first time in her life. Undeniably, she became addicted to it as she craved victory in every fight.


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