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Anthony Johnson Reveals the List of Fighters He Wants to Fight Ahead of His UFC return

Anthony Johnson Reveals the List of Fighters He Wants to Fight Ahead of His UFC return

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Former UFC light heavyweight number 1 contender, Anthony Johnson walked away from the sports after his loss to Daniel Cormier in UFC 210, 2017. He was supposed to fight Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title before Jones was stripped of the title and Rumble Johnson fought Cormier instead.

Jon Jones vs Anthony Johnson was one of the most anticipated fights at that moment. While Jones was on a legend killing run, beating everyone in his path, Anthony was an unstoppable juggernaut with dynamite in his hands. Not only the fans but also both Jones and Johnson were looking forward to the fight. However, it fell apart in the most unfortunate way possible.

Well, we might see that fight happening finally as Anthony Johnson has announced that he might drop down to 205 to fight Jon Jones. In a recent interview, Anthony Johnson said:

“Knowing that Jon is right there he motivates me too. But the fact that Jon and I respect each other so much, professionally and personally it’s going to be a great fight”

Anthony Johnson

At the moment, Anthony Johnson is most likely to fight in the heavyweight division as he weighs 235 lbs right now. however, he is hopeful to cut down to light heavyweight for the super fight with Jones. Johnson said:

“I’m going to wait ’till I … lose about 10 more pounds, about 235 … I want to see how my body feels, and then if it feels good i’m going to probably try to make 205”

Johnson had to fight Daniel Cormier after Jones was stripped from his title. However, Johnson calls the fight with DC less motivating than the fight with Jones. Jon Jones is unbeaten and Johnson would have rather fought him over DC.

“But that was a fight, that’s why I went up to 205, man. I was like, ‘That’s the guy I want,’ and then when I get my heart broken and I got to fight D.C. it’s not as motivating. The fight was not in me to fight DC, I fought him. I kind of fought him. But it just was not the same drive” said Anthony Johnson.

Anthony Johnson

Apart from Jon Jones, there are few other fights in the heavyweight division that interests Anthony Johnson. Anthony Johnson is also willing to fight Francis Nagnnou, Alister Overeem, Junior Dos Santos and the heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic.

Anthony Johnson has not confirmed the time and the opponent of his return, but it’s safe to assume that fans will be more than happy to see him inside the UFC octagon again.


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