CONFIRMED: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson Set To Take Place at Undisclosed Location

By 9 months ago

Dana White was fighting a one-sided war against the Coronavirus. Despite his best efforts, Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson seemed lost for a while. Fortunately, it looks like the organizer has finally made some headway.

Reports coming in suggest that the President of the UFC has finally succeeded in his endeavors of bringing the biggest fight in UFC history to life. Or at the very least, he is close.

Dana White officially stated that the UFC have decided on the venue of the match.

Yes, it seems like the UFC Universe will finally get its dream match, Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov. If all goes well, UFC 249 might actually materialize amidst dwindling odds.

The news comes as a huge mood lifter when everyone is confined to their homes. The UFC really does house the greatest fighters. Commendably, the management has fought enormous battles to be this close to making The Eagle vs. El Cucuy a reality amidst a global pandemic crisis.

Will Khabib vs. Tony finally take place?

Well, for the fans, Dana White should officially be crowned “Man of his Word”. Ever since the coronavirus grasped the world in its claws, Dana White has repeatedly been questioned about the feasibility of UFC 249.

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In response to all these questions, he always said that the UFC will do everything to keep the event alive, while also ensuring everyone’s welfare. Moreover, he made a claim about always going overboard with safety. And that stands true. There is enough evidence to confirm that UFC authorities have always kept the safety of those involved in their events on the top of their priorities.

However, this won’t be a classic UFC fight card. For starters, there will be no audience present. To ensure a smooth match, minimal human contact will be essential.


Dana White has definitely won the hearts of MMA fans around the world. He even stated that he is aware of the travel restrictions, but will fly fighters from wherever they are to carry on with the fight.

Well, we believe you, Dana. It won’t be entirely wrong of us to start counting down towards the biggest Lightweight event in UFC history. After all, 18 April isn’t far away.

Where do you think UFC 249 will take place?

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