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Conor McGregor’s Coach And Eddie Alvarez Give Mike Perry Advice Over Tax Related Issues

Conor McGregor’s Coach And Eddie Alvarez Give Mike Perry Advice Over Tax Related Issues

Mike Perry

Former UFC Fighter Ben Askren spoke out on Twitter regarding the importance of literacy surrounding taxation to the current roster. The conversation was brought about by Mike Perry who gave his views on the matter post-fight. ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry expressed his displeasure surrounding the topic to Jon Anik after a victory over Mickey Gall. The fight served as the co-headliner for UFC on ESPN 12 on 27th June in Las Vegas.

“I gotta go talk to the tax folk and see if we can get that number down because I believed I paid over a $100,000 last year between a couple of different countries. They’re trying to hit me again at the end of the year. It’s almost like I don’t fight for minimum wage sometimes”.

Mike Perry had many choice words for fans and fighters throughout the week. Chiefly It was only fitting that his final comments during fight week were as impactful to the MMA community as it was.

“I ain’t trying to be one of those guys asking for more money, I’m not. I’m asking the government to stop taking so much of this. Maybe we put in the contract that the taxes get paid when Platinum gets paid. That’s my money, you don’t give me money if you don’t want me to spend it”.

Ben Askren leads the charge

The former ONE championship belt holder sparked a conversation surrounding the topic. Several fighters joined in on the discussion leading to interesting insights surrounding taxation.

Eddie Alvarez lays it out to Mike Perry

Not to mention ‘The Underground King’ Eddie Alvarez came out In support of Ben Askren and relayed a similar sentiment. He encouraged fighters to be wise when it came to their money and laid out a brief overview of financial planning.

SBG Ireland Coach John Kavanagh expressed his own experience when it comes to teaching young fighters about Taxes. Moreover, he went on to explain how often times fighters are unaware of its exact implications.

Social Media was meant to be a platform for knowledge seeking and innovation. Discussions of this nature will most assuredly serve to shed light on rarely talked out topics such as taxation in sports.

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