Dana White Reveals Massive Loss in Revenue Due to Lack of Audience

May 31, 2020 11:45 pm

Right from the beginning, Dana White has been very aggressive in his approach towards fighting with the Coronavirus. People have accused him of thinking only about filling his pockets in the time of the pandemic. On the contrary, Dana White and the UFC have been incurring massive losses due to the lack of an audience.

No audience implies no gate money and hence the UFC is losing a significant fraction of revenue. A stacked card such as UFC 249, which happened earlier this month, could have drawn a gate in millions of dollars. Instead, the UFC decided to push through without an audience. Not just UFC 249, subsequent events after that have also happened without any live audience.

Judging by the situation of COVID-19 in the USA, it is highly likely that all major sporting events will not witness any audience this year. Subsequently, the piled-up share of losses for the UFC will be huge.

Dana White says combined loss for the UFC for this year will be around $100 million

In the press conference before UFC Fight Night: Woodley vs. Burns, Dana White said that the lack of audience has had major monetary implications.

“The big problem for all sports right now, me, them, is the gate. We’ll lose over $100 million this year. Over $100 million. It would be much easier for me to sit back and say, ‘Let’s wait for this thing out.’ Waiting for this thing out is a good option for a lot of people right now because there’s no gate,” White said.

Despite losing a chunk of business, White has maintained his stand on the situation. He will continue to push through whatever comes his way. The UFC supremo also took a jibe at the film industry that has stopped the release of movies in the theatres. Just like them, it would be very easy for the UFC to sit this one through. However, that is not how Dana White does business.

“Why aren’t they releasing all these movies? They have all these movies in the can right now. They could be pumping these movies out left and right. Because they’re gonna lose possibly hundreds of millions of dollars in releasing these movies without people going and buying tickets in movie theaters.

It usually goes to movie theaters, then it goes to some exclusive pay window, and then it gets released everywhere, then on TV. Financially, it’s hard to operate right now with the way that things are going on, but I’m moving forward. I don’t care. I’m gonna push through this,” Dana White added.

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