Daniel Cormier-Jon Jones: The Intense Unfinished Rivalry

Published 08/08/2020, 8:53 AM EDT

Daniel Cormier, the UFC veteran, will enter the octagon for one final dance against Stipe Miocic at UFC 252 on August 15th.


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If DC claims the win, he would retire as the ‘Greatest Heavyweight’ ever in the promotion, along with being the UFC Heavyweight champion. However, the legendary Cormier still believes that he would not get over the rivalry with Jones, ever in his life.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones rivalry


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It undoubtedly was one of the most celebrated rivalries in UFC. A matchup that fans have enduringly cherished.

Both DC and Jones were unbeaten when they faced each other, and their bad blood only intensified the matchup. They were confident and cocky when it came to their skills in the octagon. Thus, the rivalry became massive over time.

Although DC failed to claim a win against Jones, it still remains to be special matchup for him.

A trilogy bout between them was always on the cards, however, the final edition of their trilogy saga never materialized. In fact, a lot of fans opine that the Jones vs DC feud remains unfinished without it.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, DC also stated the same and said, “It will be very difficult for me to ever be completely free of that rivalry with Jones because it was so big.

“We sold so much pay-per views and the rivalry was so nasty. We were so nasty with each other and the public paid attention”

DC vs Jones (UFC 182)

The light heavyweight gladiators met each other for the first time at UFC 182, with the World title on the line. However, DC had to suffer the first loss of his MMA career on that fateful night.

The fight went till all the five rounds and both the men gave the fight everything they had. However, Jones outclassed DC thoroughly and dominated the entire fight.

Jones landed 92 significant strikes in the fight and DC landed only 58, losing the fight via judge’s decision.

DC vs Jones 2 (UFC 214)

The re-match was even bigger since the fighters had grown exponentially in terms of talent. However, Jones entered the octagon under the influence of banned substances, consequently affecting the results of the matchup.

Despite that, the contest was a thrilling one. DC and Jones locked horns and did not waste time to go against each other from the very beginning.

Cormier looked promising in the fight until Jones landed the head kick in Round 3, which took DC’s soul away. He tripped to the ground and Jones sealed the victory by following his head kick with some lethal strikes.


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Jones was teasing a potential move to the heavyweight division to go up against Francis Ngannou. However, it concluded with a hideous skirmish between him and Dana White over pay-issues.

Although Jones would still remain active in the UFC roster, DC’s retirement after UFC 252 has potentially ruled out the possible trilogy match.

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Well, if you still want to see them fight. Maybe you would have to expect an exhibition contest between them in their following their retirement, similar to the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. contest in September.


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