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“Do i Look Scared?”- Israel Adesanya Blasts Jon Jones For Being Jealous

“Do i Look Scared?”- Israel Adesanya Blasts Jon Jones For Being Jealous

In an interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, Jon Jones talks about Israel Adesanya. He talks about how the Nigerian fighter will not cause any problems for him if they were to face off in a fight. Jon Jones goes one step further and claims that he is better than Adesanya in every sense of the game. Israel Adesanya responds to Jon Jones on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.

Jones further says that he feels Adesanya is scared. Adesanya claims that he never has to talk about Jones. The only time he brings Jones up is if he says something “stupid” or if he is asked about it.

Israel Adesanya

“Do I look scared? Ariel, am I a man of fear?… I’m in a fight right now that I shouldn’t have to be in… Fear does not bother me. He’s just jealous, he’s gonna see what I do this weekend”-Israel Adesanya in response to Jon Jones.

Past Stabs that Israel Adesanya Took at Jon Jones

This is not the first time that The Last Stylebender has called out Jones. Adesanya has come out accusing Jones of being jealous of him. Adesanya revealed that he wanted to defend his title in the Middleweight division a couple of times. Before making a move to Jon Jones’ division. He feels that Jones is jealous of all the success that he has achieved. Jon “Bones” Jones feels that Adesanya lacks the confidence to take him on. Adesanya, after beating Robert Whittaker, added to his perfect record of 18-0-0.

“My confidence? Get my f****ng n**s out of your mouth. This guy is trying to force my hand. I’m not stupid. It’s not about me not being confident. I will fuck this m**********r up when I fight him”- Adesanya responds to Jones.

Quite unsurprisingly Adesanya feels that he can take on Jones successfully. He feels that Jones is angry at the fact that he is the “new face of the UFC”. He feels that Jones is jealous because as the new kid on the block is he taking away all the shine.

According to Adesanya, a fight between him and Jones is very much on the table. Who do you think will emerge victorious?

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