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Donald Cerrone Apologizes to Mark Wahlberg For Fighting “Too Real”

Donald Cerrone Apologizes to Mark Wahlberg For Fighting “Too Real”

Donald Cerrone

UFC superstar Donald Cerrone tried his hand in the movies. In Netflix’s movie, Spencer Confidential, Cerrone was a part-time fight choregrapher. He also had a small role where he had to fight Mark Wahlberg.

For Cerrone who is a fighter by profession, it might have been difficult to hold his punches back. And that brought out an apology from him to the victim of his punches- Wahlberg.

Cerrone posted a video on Twitter with a caption: “My first time being in a fake fight was a little too real (sorry Wahlberg).

The video showed Cerrone’s fighting clip from the movie with Wahlberg’s voice in the background saying, “The most dangerous thing that I’ve done in film was fighting with UFC fighter Cowboy Cerrone.”

“Cowboy’s never been in a fake fight in his life. I was like, ‘You’re kicking me pretty hard.”

The film Spencer Confidential is an action comedy film directed by Peter Berg and distributed by Netflix.

Donald Cerrone currently on a three-fight losing streak

The result of his fight on-screen might not have been very significant but his professional fighting career has seen three consecutive losses now. Last year, Cerrone suffered losses to Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje.

He came into 2020 with a much-hyped fight. He was to fight Conor McGregor, who was making a return to the UFC. After all the hype, the fight finished in just 40 seconds. As McGregor knocked his opponent out, Cerrone suffered his third consecutive loss in UFC.

After his three losses, there hasn’t been much news about Cerrone. The details about his next fight are very much unknown.


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