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Fans Outraged Against Joe Rogan For Inviting And Propagating Offensive Comments

Fans Outraged Against Joe Rogan For Inviting And Propagating Offensive Comments

Joe Rogan has been trending on Twitter as of late, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Clips of the comedian’s podcast have been making rounds on social media with much uproar surrounding them. Chiefly pointing out towards several vile and despicable comments made by close friends of the UFC commentator throughout the years.

The call for cancellation came when clips of famed comedian Joey Diaz popped up. The clip was on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ back when it was co-produced alongside Brian Redban.

The trending discussion stems from the fact that Joe Diaz said he would allow female comedians on stage only in return for oral sex.

Joey Diaz is known for his crude comments and at times outright offensive humor. However, the discussions circles back to Joe as he is seen gleefully laughing in the clip. Not to mention Rogan has vehemently spoken out against predatory behavior in the past. This made his nonchalant reaction all the more detestable to many people.

Twitter goes off on Joe Rogan

Several users were quick to voice their disgust at the comments made on a widely viewed platform.


Although the podcast in question is from many years ago, cancel culture in 2020 sees no barriers. The main criticism surrounding Joe Rogan is that he constantly provides a platform for people with questionable pasts.

More recently close friend Ari Shaffir admitted to dosing fellow comedian’s drink with MDMA (Molly) as a joke. The general consensus is that Rogan provides a platform supporting toxic behavior while still condemning similar acts which are not committed by close friends and associates.

Another user was quick to point out that an attempt at cancellation would only lead to further exposure for the comedian.

In light of Rogan’s new Spotify deal, the microscope is on him like never before. Moreover, It remains to be seen whether the calls for cancellations come to fruition.

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