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Georges St-Pierre Releases Statement After Being Inducted Into the UFC Hall of Fame

Georges St-Pierre Releases Statement After Being Inducted Into the UFC Hall of Fame

Georges St-Pierre

The UFC recently inducted Georges St-Pierre in the UFC Hall of Fame. Of course, it was just a matter of time before the event took place. After all, there is no one who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame of Mixed Martial Artists than the best fighter to walk the planet.

The UFC announced the same during the official broadcast of UFC 249. Overwhelmed with the amazing gesture that he rightly deserves, Georges “Rush” St-Pierre took to Twitter to celebrate his induction.

He wrote, “It’s a great honour to be inducted to the UFC Hall of Fame. I want to thank Lorenzo & Frank Fertitta, Dana White, the UFC team, my family, coaches, teammates, sponsors & all other collaborators, my opponents & my fans. This amazing journey wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

Georges St-Pierre

Like always, the kindness and humble nature of St-Pierre really stands out. Although, that Tweet was not his first reaction to the induction!

Because of the unfortunate pandemic that plagues the planet, Dana White could not have GSP present at the scene for the announcement. However, he did make it a point to personally inform GSP about his inductance.

Dana White called Georges St-Pierre to congratulate him on becoming a part of the UFC Hall of Fame!

UFC President Dana White called GSP as soon as the announcement of the inductance came out.

A pleasant surprise for the Canadian, indeed!

However, GSP is one such fighter who still continues to inspire fighters around the world. He redefined the world of MMA, and fighters started expanding their horizons after looking at GSP.

He mastered literally all forms of fighting that he could, ranging from karate, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, to Muay Thai.


He became the new epitome of a perfect Mixed Martial Artist, bringing into play the modern MMA, wherein fighters aim to incorporate all as many forms as possible into their game.

Of course, he is also one of the few fighters to hold Championships in two divisions. His will to always get better is a driving factor for many start in the UFC even today.

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