“God Bless India”- Conor McGregor Delights Fan by Replying to His Post Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

April 12, 2020 9:17 pm

The war on Coronavirus has seen a lot of celebrities stepping up to do their part for their countrymen. However, none can rival the two-division champion, Conor McGregor. 

When a celebrity reposts or replies to a fan, it becomes an unbelievable and memorable moment. It becomes something that the fan never forgets and boasts of for years and years on end.

A fan hailing from India tweeted a picture holding a bottle of whiskey. It just so happens that the bottle was Proper No. Twelve, Irish Whiskey. The brand of liquor that was launched by none other than, Conor McGregor.

The fan posted the picture on 10th April saying,God bless Conor@TheNotoriousMMA @ProperWhiskey“. Little did the fan know that McGregor would reply. And much to his delight, the Irishman took to Twitter to respond to the fan two days later. 

India has the potential to become the next global hotspot for Coronavirus cases. The Southasian nation has reported 8,504 cases of the novel virus. The subcontinent has seen 289 fatalities and 972 recoveries.

McGregor’s home country of Ireland is not very distinct from India, with 8,928 cases with 320 fatalities and 25 recoveries. This is probably why the southpaw took to Twitter to send blessings and good wishes to his Indian fan and his countrymen and women.

When Conor McGregor Cropped a Fan Out of a Picture

This is not the first time the Irish fighter has responded to his fans on social media. The incident dates back to November 2016.

A fan and her brother managed to snap a picture with the fighter in New York City, as the fighter was preparing for UFC 205. Like most people who find themselves in such situations, the fan took to social media to share this rare moment with the world.

However, McGregor caught her off-guard. Seemingly the UFC star saw the picture and liked his outfit. So much so that he decided to repost the picture on his personal account saying, “Gucci mustard.”

There was just a small difference, McGregor true to his nickname went on to crop the fan and her brother out of the picture.

However, she took it in stride instead of getting upset or calling the fighter out. She went and posted a picture herself.

She even decided to take a page out of The Notorious One’s book and posted another picture.

Has a celebrity ever responded to you?

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