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“He Doesn’t Like Me For Three Reasons”- UFC Heavyweight Curtis Blaydes Goes After Dana White

“He Doesn’t Like Me For Three Reasons”- UFC Heavyweight Curtis Blaydes Goes After Dana White

Curtis Blaydes

UFC heavyweight Curtis Blaydes spoke out on ‘The Luke Thomas Show’ and expressed his views on company President Dana White. ‘Razor’ Blaydes is coming off a dominant decision victory over Alexander Volkov at UFC on ESPN 11. Curtis Blaydes stayed true to his word and out-wrestled Volkov on his way to a scorecard victory.

The fight saw the contender set the UFC heavyweight record for most takedowns landed in a fight with 14. Blaydes was clear on his strategy going into the fight, and was not keen to stand with the 6’5″ striker in Volkov.

The bout left much to be desired in terms of entertainment value. Fans took to Twitter and labeled the wrestling clinic as ‘boring’ after the main event. Moreover, UFC President Dana White was an outspoken critic of the fight and expressed his disappointment in the post-fight press conference.

Dana White was especially upset with the nature of the fight considering the Blaydes’ trash talk pre-fight. Curtis Blaydes remained unapologetic following his victory, however, he acknowledged it not being his favorite performance.

Curtis Blaydes goes off

Speaking to Luke Thomas, the heavyweight fighter had choice words for the President of the promotion. He also propped up the idea of a fighters union becoming a reality.

“He doesn’t like me for two, actually, three reasons. A, I speak my mind, he doesn’t like that. B, my style, what I bring to the Octagon. I’m grappling heavy. And C, because yeah I do believe I don’t get paid what I’m worth and I speak on that. So he’s just using this to try to make me feel bad I guess, so I won’t speak out again, but it’s not going to work.

“I know this is the taboo word and we aren’t supposed to speak of it, but a union. Every other major sports league has a union, so that’s probably the only way we can get what we want, but I don’t know how that’s going to happen,”

Curtis Blaydes has remained steadfast in his views surrounding his recent dust-up with Dana White. He has revealed that he is more than willing to wait for his title shot without fighting more contenders. In light of recent history, it appears that Dana White will move past Blaydes if push comes to shove.

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