“He is Not Superman”: Michael Bisping Has a Surprise Pick for Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya

April 16, 2020 11:46 pm

Former UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping gave his verdict on Israel Adesanya as a fighter. And a potential bout between ‘the Last Stylebender’ and Jon Jones.

Israel Adesanya ascended the middleweight throne in less than 2 years. While he had many spectacular fights, his last fight against Yoel Romero was unimpressive.

Adesanya vs Romero was perhaps one of the most uneventful fights of 2020. There were very few exchanges from both sides. Even the referee had to step in and ask both fighters to engage in the middle of the bout. While some called it a “chess match”, others referred to it as “boring.”

Michael Bisping prefers to call it “Shitty”. However, Bisping does not shy away from recognizing Adesanya’s talents. On a recent episode of Submission Radio, Bisping praised the middleweight champion despite his match against Romero.

“Okay, the last fight against Yoel, nobody wants to re-watch that one again, but that’s the way it goes. But listen, you can’t deny it was a shitty fight. Doesn’t mean he’s a shit fighter, cause he’s not a shit fighter, he’s outstanding, he’s the world champion for a reason.” Bisping said.

Michael Bisping on Israel Adesanya vs Jon Jones

Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya have developed quite a rivalry. The duo has been trading barbs on social media for a while now. It is highly likely that both men will collide in the future, ideally next year. However, Bisping feels otherwise.

He said, “I like what he’s doing with Jon Jones. I don’t know if that fight will ever happen. It probably won’t. Not anytime soon. I think Jon’s talking about going up to heavyweight, so obviously that would put a barrier between them. But I like it. I certainly liked seeing Israel talk shit about Jon Jones. It is funny.”

As far as the matchup is concerned, Bisping claims that Adesanya has a chance to win against Jones. He believes that Adesanya may have an advantage on the feet.

“I mean, we saw in his last few fights he’s not invincible, he’s not superhuman, he is beatable. Everybody’s beatable, trust me. And Jon, the longer he does it, the longer he goes, it’s kind of a game of odds. At some point, someone’s going to beat him, and it seems to be happening more and more.” Bisping on Jones.

According to Bisping, Adesanya will be at a major disadvantage if the fight takes place at heavyweight. He referred to Adesanya as a “light-middleweight.”

What do you think of Michael Bisping’s comments?

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