“He Needs to Stop” – Daniel Cormier’s Coach Shares Disheartening News

August 27, 2020 6:51 pm

After a grueling defeat to the reigning UFC heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier’s coach wants Cormier to stay retired.

Although he lost his last two fights, Daniel Cormier has had an incredible legacy so far. He is a former Olympian, Strikeforce Grand Prix winner, and a two-division champion in the UFC. Back in 2018, DC was truly on top of the world. After all, he defeated Stipe Miocic, who is considered one of the greatest heavyweights of all time.

Moreover, he defended the heavyweight championship one time against Derrick Lewis. At this point, he had already accomplished what most fighters will never achieve in their lifetime. Some say that he should have retired at that time. However, the competitor inside Cormier did not let him do it.

He took on Miocic for the second time and lost the title in a fight that he was winning. As a result, Cormier got desperate to prove a point and demanded a trilogy. He believed he was a better fighter than Miocic, and — to some extent — he might have been right on that one. But Cormier forgot one thing: “It’s not always the best fighter that wins the fight. It’s the fighter that fights the best the night of the fight.” 

Javier Mendez reveals why Daniel Cormier should stay retired

Even though DC has hinted at retirement, he has not completely shut the door on MMA. The American fighter said he does not see himself fighting any ordinary fights. He also stated that he will only compete for titles (which he doesn’t see happening).

Given the sport’s history, it is too early to say Cormier will never come back.

Retired or not, one thing is clear. DC’s coach at American Kickboxing Academy, Javier Mendez, does not want him to come back. Mendez said Cormier needs to stop fighting as there are other ways of making money.

“He needs to stop. He’s 41, and the truth is that he’s not the same person I had when he was 27 years old, he’s gone down a bit,” Mendez said on Hablemos MMA. “He’s got so many obligations with interviews, television, and it’s best that he doesn’t fight.

“It sucks that the fight went that way, and he had to leave like that, but you know, he’s one of the best in the world. What he’s done is very big. He doesn’t need to do any more. He’s not No. 1 or 2 pound-for-pound, but he’s four or seven or around that number.

“What he did is great. I don’t want him to fight, and he doesn’t want to fight because he only wants to fight for titles. And for what? He’s going to make more money with television and other things, and if he’s not fighting for a title, why fight?”

Cormier is undoubtedly one of the best fighters of all time. However, MMA is a tough sport. Every single punch or strike that you take, counts. And taking such kind of damage beyond 40 is unnecessary, at least in Cormier’s case.

What do you think Daniel Cormier should do next?

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Shantanu Mayenkar

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